Written by Katie
03 Jun 2010

Downtown Girls

I caught the premiere last night online at MTV.com and when I sat down to finally write this review it was past my bedtime. I decided to let my thoughts on the show simmer overnight and this is what I have concluded.

Prior to watching the show, I had heard a lot of comparisons that Downtown Girls was similar to Sex and the City and The Hills. If you liked Sex and the City, this was good news to you. If you didn’t like the Hills, you weren’t looking for another wannabe.

I can safely say that it is a mix of the two. Downtown Girls features five established women in their mid-twenties who live in Manhattan. What I like about the show is that they have real jobs. Reality television lives up to its name. I have no idea if these women are getting paid for each episode they film unlike the actors on The Hills. [Yeah, I said it.] At least you’re not left wondering where they actually work and how they acquire all of their money when they do absolutely nothing. These women are beautiful, smart, and fun. They’re the type of women you want to be when you’re about 24-25. Correction: They live the life that I would like to live when I’m 24 or 25. Another question I’ve been wondering about is why this show is on MTV? Why this network? It seems more like something for Bravo or even E!

The show is funny, witty, and gets to the point quick. There are no dull moments. The best part doesn’t happen at the end and there are no awkward pauses and screen shots of just glances and shady looks like in The Hills.

I’ve also decided that MTV has been putting out a decent array of shows lately excluding 16 and Pregnant and The Hills franchise etc. Let’s hope they keep it up. I also believe that the best shows stick around for just one season. If there is more than one season, the shows start to become more rehearsed because everyone knows what to expect. This is true w/ Parental Control, The Hills, Real World, etc whereas the best shows that last for one season only are loved because they are fresh Rich Girls, The Paper, PoweR Girls, and Wanna Come In?

What do you think?

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