Written by Katie
03 Jun 2010

Seattle U’s Newest Cafe

For this entire past school year, the students of Seattle University have been without their library. I made it to our interim library twice this year for reasons I can’t really explain. I never choose to study at the library.

The remodeling of our old library includes new features that will be pleasing to the returning students as well as the freshmen class of 1100.  Along with a new 24/7 quiet room, we will be receiving a media center, our writing center, three or four reading rooms, and a new cafe. That’s probably one of the most exciting additions to the library.

Earlier this year, Seattle University asked students to choose a name for the cafe. Out of the 1,353 names that were submitted the seven-person committee chose The Byte.

Seriously? We’re not some other internet cafe, we’re an institution that deserve a non-cliche name for our cafe. The runner ups were also not that impressive. Cup and Chaucer and James and the Giant Bean.

Who was on this committee?

So my friend linked me to a list that showed all of the names that were submitted.

Below are some of my favorites that make me laugh slash would have made a better cafe name. Actually anything is better than The Byte.

Academic Search Cafe

Al Snackorante

The Beezy

Bouncy [what?]

Charles Garcia Memorial Cafe [awkward]

The Cinnamon Club

Coffee and Nomnoms

Come and Eat Me

D-1 Cafe

Eat Me Out

Jesuit Juice

Nom Nom Zone

The Philosopher

Pikachu’s Palace

Red [No explanation, just – you know, Red. Lamp? Crayon?]

Sharing the World [that’s really thoughtful]

Shut Your Mouth Cafe

So Now We’re D1 in Everything?

Vanity Fair [like the magazine?]

For the full list click here

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  1. Heather wrote:

    I am very unimpressed. I really dug Cup and Chaucer, just because it was Dr. Madsen’s suggestion. But The Byte is just…meh.

    Posted on 6.4.10 · Reply to comment

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