Written by Katie
11 Jun 2010

Summer Time Summer Time You Make Me Feel Fine

Bye Bye Sea-Town! For the weekend, anyways!

I’ve been sitting in the same spot since I got home for about two hours now and I am ecstatic that I don’t have to think about accounting, stats, or theology. I don’t really have to think about school for three months! So this summer I’m going to go be an adult and do adult things, but what I wish I could do is travel. This might be the first summer that I won’t get a chance to go anywhere. For the past three years I’ve spent at least part of my summer time in Okinawa, Hawaii, and California.

Tomorrow one of my best friends will be leaving for her Semester at Sea trip aboard a cruise ship setting out for the Mediterranean. I couldn’t be more jealous. My other friends are leaving for Switzerland, Dublin, Costa Rica, and Ecuador this summer.

I remember when I almost turned down my month long trip to Okinawa for a month because I “didn’t want to miss out on summer w/ my friends.” I was dumb then, so my one piece of advice to you all is that if you ever have the chance to travel and this opportunity falls into your lap… TAKE IT. Take it and don’t look back because your friends will always be here, they’re not going anywhere. You’ll come back from your trip taking more away from it than you would’ve had you just stayed here with your friends trying to make up plans of things to do every night 😉

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