Written by Katie
13 Jun 2010

The Brendan Leonard Show

In the summer of 2003, ABC Family aired a show called The Brendan Leonard Show. It followed about eight guys in high school or early college years who were friends pulling pranks on each other and filming skit segments. It was quite possibly the greatest show that I had ever seen.

These guys became my idols. I tried to push the show on both my friends and my family, but in the end, I think I was probably the only person that found it funny. I wanted to be just like Brendan and his friends so I convinced my Dad that I needed a video camera to pursue my hobbies. And so a video camera was what I received. My documentary filming skills didn’t last long, but that’s okay, because I was only searching for some way to feel connected to the show after it was canceled. (WHY WAS IT CANCELED?!) That’s a question that I have been wondering about for a long time. Now, seven years later, the gang has decided to bring it back. They have created a Facebook fan page for their fans and have been posting both old videos from the show and new videos they have been filming presently.

Below is a clip from their production that they kept going with after the show was canceled, but to watch other segments from the show click here



Did anyone else watch this show? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one…

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  1. Alivia wrote:

    I was hardcore about this show. I’ve still got my recorded vhs tapes of it.

    Posted on 1.29.11 · Reply to comment

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