Month: June 2010

28 Jun 2010

Bringin’ It Back

I am ecstatic to announce that we are bringing interviews back onto! My last interview was with Miss Sena Yang back in March! It’s been three months.

I’ve been doing my research and I’ve got some very nice people that I am excited to start interviewing… Who will be my next guest?

Here’s a hint:

This person is also making their comeback as well. [No, it is not Aaron Carter.] They are BOYling at the point of extreme.

28 Jun 2010

In the News…

Steve Carell will be leaving The Office next year capping off season 7. [source]

– The divorce is final between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. [source]

Emma Watson has confirmed that she is dating George Craig, the Burberry model and frontman of music group One Night Only.

Watch it now before it gets removed! Cue tears at … 4:39

Chris Brown struggled through his tribute to Michael Jackson last night at the BET Awards. After dancing through Billie Jean, Remember the Time, and Smooth Criminal, Chris attempted to end the tribute by singing Man in the Mirror, but broke down into tears showing everyone just how vulnerable he was. Haven’t decided if I still feel bad for him or not. It must suck to know that everyone kind of hates you because you beat your girlfriend up and it went public and basically your career went down the drain. Stuff happens; sometimes you bounce back and sometimes you don’t.

Nicole Richie wrote another book entitled “Priceless” due out Sept. 28, 2010

David Olsen, the father of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is broke and facing foreclosure. Will the twins with all the money in the world step in to save their father from his debt? [Source]

– The Lohans are back to reality television again and have already started filming. Gross Dina Lohan is almost becoming worse than Kate Gosselin. [Source]

Degrassi. The Boiling Point!

Kristen Stewart lightens the hair and looks a whole lot better and a whole lot less emo than she always does. WIN.

– Tonight, Nikki Blonsky will debut her new ABC Family show Huge.

Dove is casting “REAL WOMEN” for their new ad campaign. These women must have flawless skin, no scars, and definitely no tattoos. Nice job Dove, real nice.

– According to a recent study, the average woman will spend nearly $24,000 on shoes in their lifetime. That’s disgusting.

The Frisky writes a post addressing why Men’s Fashion Week should not exist. After viewing these pictures, I might have to agree… and here

– You can now put Barbie in a fat suit!

Google is determined to create the next best social networking site. Move out of the way Facebook. They didn’t win you over with Google Buzz, but now they’re coming back in full force with… wait for it…GoogleMe.

– Grandpa gets his GAGA on w/ this video posted by The Stranger.

Rihanna has decided to cancel her kick off date for her tour in WA at the White River Amphitheater. Fans will receive a refund. [boooooo I’m a Chris Brown fan now!]

Megan Fox officially wed Brian Austin Green in a small ceremony in Hawaii late last week. [source]

28 Jun 2010

In MTV News…

MTV has decided to cut The City and will end the series after this season. What is the meaning of this exactly? Maybe MTV just wanted to start fresh with their new shows and decided that cutting The Hills meant cutting The City as well. They are after all very similar. I won’t deny that The City is actually my guilty pleasure. Despite knowing that it is all scripted, I still love it.

King Spencer wants you to view his new website w/ creeper picture here

– On a good note, the first season of Laguna Beach [the only season that anyone cares about] is on NetFlix for stream. I am reliving high school days with it.

27 Jun 2010


“When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.”


27 Jun 2010

Let’s Talk Shows: Reviews

Last weekend, I had the chance to see a private performance from Minus the Bear at the Vera Project because they were promoting the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. I didn’t get a chance to talk about the show in a previous post because I was so pumped about meeting Suchin Pak though! My bad, sowwy!

It’s been a few years since I last saw them perform. The first time I saw them, I was w/ my best friend at Neumos on a school night. Reckless behavior. Before they got on stage, they set up plush white tigers on top of the speakers to set the mood. I can’t remember  if they were promoting Planet of Ice or if it was the album before. I do, however, remember attending  a laser show for Planet of Ice to preview the whole CD before it came out in the summer of 2007. Minus the Bear didn’t need the tigers at their recent performance though.  Since I saw them last, their sound has matured and so did they naturally. They have come a long way since Pachuca Sunrise, which is still one of my favorite songs.  There is more structure and cohesiveness apparent throughout their entire new CD Omni. For Planet of Ice, we heard bionic and futuristic sounds that different from their previous two albums. With Omni, each part within a song – intro, chorus, bridge is emphasized. They’ve also upped their game in terms of performance. This past week, they performed on Jimmy Kimmel and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Along with a show review, I guess I’ll give you a CD review too.

Best songs:

  • My Time
  • Summer Angel
  • The Thief
  • Into the Mirror feat. Rachel Flotard of Visqueen

Portugal. The Man

Way to exceed my expectations this past Friday! It had been three years since I last saw them and even back then I had decided that they were one of the best performers I had ever seen. Not much has changed. They have been blowing up all year performing at some of the biggest names in music festivals including this year’s Coachella, Sasquatch, and Bonnaroo. They began their entrance with a thick fog emerging off the stage and into the crowd. It wasn’t long before the lasers appeared, which really got the crowd excited. [myself included]  They performed tracks from their 2010 album American Ghetto as well as last year’s The Satanic Satanist and even songs from when I first started listening to them nearly four years ago.

Portugal. The Man – Thanks for reminding me of what I have been missing from my life.

27 Jun 2010

When I Grow Old I will…

SPLURGE ON: Desserts

UNDERSTAND: Things I don’t understand now


AVOID: Parallel parking

PURCHASE: Timeless clothing

RESEMBLE: My grandmother Ruby

DEFLECT: Attention

OWN: More picture frames

RENT: A beach house

COLLECT: Memory boxes

LAUGH: My head off

APPRECIATE: Spontaneity


HAVE PROVEN: My mettle

FEAR: Time

27 Jun 2010


Google street view.

The difference between Twilight and Harry Potter

26 Jun 2010

Skins. The End

I have finally reached the end of season 4. Now the only thing I can look forward to is a brand new cast for Series 5 and the Skins movie.

I’d like to leave you w/ two clips. One is the song of the day (from the show of course) and the second is my favorite scene from this series.


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