Month: July 2010

31 Jul 2010

Cake Britain Tour

This summer’s Cake Britain Tour was brought to you by The Mad Artists Tea Party. In an effort to encourage both parents and children to bake, they decided to create a fun event by sneaking cupcakes into trees for you to find and keep. The event was incredibly successful and um… makes me wish we had something like this in Seattle. I would probably climb trees for my Cupcake Royale red velvet cupcakes.

Check out pictures from the event here

31 Jul 2010

Awful Library Books

A blog that is dedicated to a long list of books we question exist in the first place. Time wasters for the win 🙂

Most of these are a little outdated so I guess I’m not all that surprised.

31 Jul 2010

More For Men

Last year, I created a post featuring some of the best fashion blogs for men. It was one of my favorites and not just because some of you requested it or because it received a lot of views. There are a lot of guys who won’t admit that they enjoy reading about fashion, arts and entertainment, and technology. I’m sure I have friends that won’t even admit to reading my blog. [Actually, this is probably 100% true]

I’ve been thinking for some time about having “guest bloggers.” For Yow Yow! to be well rounded, maybe we should include some different voices and perspectives. What do you all think? I honestly haven’t put that much thought into the idea because I just thought of it now, but maybe something for the future? Maybe some day I’ll move off of WordPress and create an official page for Yow Yow! Who knows?

In the meantime, I would like to include more articles that are gender neutral. That is sometimes difficult because as a girl, I still find girly things very interesting. I’ll be on the hunt for blogs geared towards men though and will post them up as I find them for all of you.

The first is LOSANGELIST


31 Jul 2010

Fads for the Ages

How many of these fads were you a part of? I am guilty of beanie babies, tamagotchis, and the Livestrong and at one possibly every type and color variation of the Livestrong.

31 Jul 2010

Girl Scouts goes in for a makeover

Design agency OCD has redesigned the new Girl Scouts logo by adding a little more neck, a nose job, and some fluffy bangs. The logo featuring the girls was first introduced back in the 1980’s. OCD shows a time line of how the brand came to be and what other changes they have updated for the organization here.

30 Jul 2010

MADART in the park

[Jason Puccinelli draws on the future, while Stephen Rock excavates the past.  Amy Johnson tells her story based on a folk tale and Justin Lytle envisions his moment as a bird that no longer can fly. Both Casey Curran and Alex Hayden reflect the earth from mirror- like vantage points.]

Beginning August 1, six artists will begin installing their pieces of art and placing them right into the canvas that is Cal Anderson Park. MadArt in the Park is a program being sponsored by the Seattle Parks Department that will turn the park into both a studio and a gallery for about six weeks. Each artist has been asked to design a piece that will represent their own perspective and outlook of the world according to MadArt’s official website.

In the first two weeks that the program is in session, the up-and-coming artists will spend this time constructing their work. The official kick off will be August 12 when the artists reveal their completed pieces and will run until September 12.

I definitely think this will be a hit especially since the park gets so many visitors throughout the summer.


30 Jul 2010

Target to open in Downtown Seattle

There’s no reason for you to shop at Northgate Mall anymore. Well, unless you’re shopping at their Forever 21 because Target is moving to Downtown Seattle and you can bet that it’s going to be both bigger and better in the new location.

To read more about the big move, click here


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