18 Jul 2010

Local Roulette

The creators of Chat Roulette have now brought to the table Local Roulette. Now you can converse with people in your own state and have more things to talk about. Their feedback probably showed that it was getting quite difficult to chat with people when there is a language barrier involved.

Here’s hoping to viewing less body parts!

I think right now the website is still in beta mode because when I clicked the link there were only 3 users online. Lame.

Local Roulette


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  • Another day, another mall
  • Seeing these loaves of bread is always so satisfying 😋
  • Walkin’ into this week like... only four more days until vacation time!
  • We know what we’ll be asking for this Christmas ☝🏽
  • Holiday cookies at the @cuyana pop-up yesterday! 🌵
  • Been feelin’ pretty sickly all week, but ready for a reset when we can dip from work ✌🏽
  • ⏸
  • The pork belly is unreal, ok? 💯
  • little

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