30 Jul 2010

MADART in the park

[Jason Puccinelli draws on the future, while Stephen Rock excavates the past.  Amy Johnson tells her story based on a folk tale and Justin Lytle envisions his moment as a bird that no longer can fly. Both Casey Curran and Alex Hayden reflect the earth from mirror- like vantage points.]

Beginning August 1, six artists will begin installing their pieces of art and placing them right into the canvas that is Cal Anderson Park. MadArt in the Park is a program being sponsored by the Seattle Parks Department that will turn the park into both a studio and a gallery for about six weeks. Each artist has been asked to design a piece that will represent their own perspective and outlook of the world according to MadArt’s official website.

In the first two weeks that the program is in session, the up-and-coming artists will spend this time constructing their work. The official kick off will be August 12 when the artists reveal their completed pieces and will run until September 12.

I definitely think this will be a hit especially since the park gets so many visitors throughout the summer.


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  1. it sounds like something that will do well

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