31 Jul 2010

Fads for the Ages

How many of these fads were you a part of? I am guilty of beanie babies, tamagotchis, and the Livestrong and at one possibly every type and color variation of the Livestrong.

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  1. Max wrote:

    I completely disagree that Livestrong bracelets are still popular. There are a lot of Livestrong-type bracelets, but ever since Lance Armstrong’s alleged drug use and fall from prominence in the cycle world (finishing the Tour de France in 23rd place just several years after 7 consecutive victories), the bracelets have dramatically lost popularity. In other words, there are better ways to support the fight against cancer than using Lance Armstrong bracelets.

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  2. Heather wrote:

    Totally had and still have somewhere at home both Trolls and Pogs.

    Posted on 8.3.10 · Reply to comment

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