Month: July 2010

30 Jul 2010

Time Magazine’s Controversial Cover

The release of Time Magazine’s new cover has left an unsettling feeling in just about everyone. After getting just one glimpse of it, I couldn’t get away. It was discussed on every news blog and website. It is an image that is kept in the back of your head. Many have shared their opinions about the cover claiming that it is inappropriate. Some say it is beautiful. It is an accurate representation of 18-year old Aisha’s traumatizing ordeal.

I believe that the cover of this issue is honest. There’s no photo shop involved or airbrushing. It is visual proof and when something is as true as this, how can you deny it?

Time is typically not known for controversial articles ever, but they certainly made a statement with this one.

[an excerpt from the article]

The Taliban pounded on the door just before midnight, demanding that Aisha, 18, be punished for running away from her husband’s house. Her in-laws treated her like a slave, Aisha pleaded. They beat her. If she hadn’t run away, she would have died. Her judge, a local Taliban commander, was unmoved. Aisha’s brother-in-law held her down while her husband pulled out a knife. First he sliced off her ears. Then he started on her nose.

This didn’t happen 10 years ago, when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. It happened last year. Now hidden in a secret women’s shelter in Kabul, Aisha listens obsessively to the news. Talk that the Afghan government is considering some kind of political accommodation with the Taliban frightens her. “They are the people that did this to me,” she says, touching her damaged face…

And in case anyone had any questions about why Time’s managing editor decided to run this cover – read his explanation here.

*Most articles right now are addressing the headline, but my main focus is the image of the cover.


30 Jul 2010


Because the Inception trailer mixed into other movies are still just as funny.

29 Jul 2010

Art Installations in Public



Sometimes when we see them, we don’t grasp it right away. Usually it takes a double take or three for us to realize that what we are seeing hasn’t always been there and/or isn’t supposed to be there. The art of an art installation is for us to appreciate these pieces in our every day lives. They make us smile, laugh, and question. Many art installations are sponsored though and not done by chance. At that point, some see it as being too promotional, in-your-face, and as an invasion to public space. Regardless, to me it is art. I think it makes life fun and exciting and spontaneous. Here are a few of my favorites that I grabbed from The Cool Hunter.

Read more “Art Installations in Public”

29 Jul 2010

Hip Weddings

There are two things that I love this summer and that is:

a) the hipster way of life

b) weddings

Unfortunately, for me there are no weddings for me to attend this summer, which is heartbreaking because I absolutely love them. Who doesn’t? Open bar…cake…dance floor – I like to call it the ultimate party because no matter what, no one leaves unhappy. You know what else I like? Hipster culture. Not many people know what this means and I am not even sure if I’m able to truly define it. To me, it means the opposite of doing mainstream. You do something a little unconventional a little less traditional and incredibly unforgettable. So I found this great article today on Flavorwire called “How to Throw a Hipster Wedding in Five Easy Steps.”

Typically people like to associate grunge with hipster because they don’t know any better. Psh don’t worry we won’t judge you I guess. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this article, but as I got more and more into it I realized that I loved the ideas I was reading about! They’re not just for hipsters to like, they’re ones that everyone will love. A lacy wedding dress, unique invitations, cupcakes and cookies, videography.

By the way, I just decided that at my wedding I will be having a USnaps photo booth for all of my guests. I have had the opportunity to use them now in two events and have loved it! I’ve still got a long way though!

29 Jul 2010

In the News…

– That same Miu Miu applique dress has landed yet another cover for August making its appearance total to four covers this month. It really is one great dress… [source]

– The boys of Glee will co-host the Teen Choice Awards with Miss Katy Perry next month.

Justin Timberlake’s William Rast Collection will collaborate with Target’s Go Fashion line to bring affordable denim to both fans and customers. Pieces are likely to range from $15-$80.  [source]

Jimmy Fallon is accused of sexual discrimination because of his preference with who he wants to work with. [source]

Mel Gibson continues to be disgusting so Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to pull out of an upcoming film with him. Good choice Leo! [Source]

– Who is set to be more “present” on  next season’s Glee? Click here to see!

John Legend and The Roots are releasing a new album! Check out the tracklisting here

Jennifer Lopez will be replacing Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol next season. [Source]

Huge crush on Neil Patrick Harris

GQ introduces pantless Saturdays including Michael Cera and his Scott Pilgrim costars. NSFW or SFW  at your own discretion. [Source]

Zac Efron visited a strip club in New York and it was a BIG deal you guys. [source]

Kanye West has got a Twitter account now y’all! Follow him here

– Another Victoria’s Secret model has let slip that Miranda Kerr may be pregnant? Maybe that’s why her and Orlando Bloom got married one month after announcing their engagement.

W Magazine is pulling a “September Issue” and will be filming a documentary on the release of their September issue. Copycatters of Vogue much? [Source]

Taylor Momsen has got an official album cover.

Naomi Watts is the new face of Ann Taylor [Source]

Essence Magazine hired a white fashion director, which is causing a little bit of a scandal. [source] and the response back here


in random news from The Daily What

The poor kid didn’t get to see any of his favorite animals at the zoo because all of the girls wanted to see “gentle animals.”

Awesome street art from Warsaw

The world’s oldest Twitter user passed away today at age 104. [source]


In Seattle news…

– The Picasso will be at the Seattle Art Museum this October. Find out more about how to get tickets here

The Block Party has come and gone, now you can start making your schedule for Bumbershoot hour-by-hour here

The Grassroots production continues to take over Capitol Hill and it is awesome.  [Source]

29 Jul 2010

J. Crew continues to take over

Let me show a video that proves that.

This is J. Crew’s new video for their charming fall 2010 collection. The model makes you want to buy everything. If I buy those clothes, does that mean I get to be as cute as her?

29 Jul 2010

Fashion Fail

A few posts ago, I told all of you that one of my biggest pet peeves is when girls decide to wear their regular bras with racer back tank tops. You just can’t do that. They have made bras for every single type of shirt invented, – the tube top, the one shoulder, the cris-cross, the halter, etc. There’s no excuse for not having the right one and for that I will call you out on being just plain lazy – careless even.

This week Kourtney Kardashian made a similar mistake by wearing a bra with a low back blouse. Why not go bra-less or better yet a bra that is made for low back blouses? Just saying…


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