18 Aug 2010

Plastic Surgeon Dies in Accident

I think it’s probably best if I don’t share my opinion on this incident so I’m just going to write the post and leave it up for interpretation.

Yesterday, plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Frank Ryan, died in a car accident from texting while driving. Dr. Frank Ryan is known for performing ten plastic surgeries on Heidi Montag in one day, but has many celebrity clients as well. Ryan was cruising along with his border collie, Jill, when he had the sudden urge to send out a tweet to his Twitter about his favorite dog, but instead drove off of a cliff.

While Frank Ryan has passed on, Jill only suffered from injuries to the head, paw, and eye.

…Things like this happen when we text and drive.


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  1. Sarah wrote:

    Except the texting happened TWENTY-THREE MINUTES BEFORE THE ACCIDENT! So how on earth did it cause the crash? Get your facts right.

    Posted on 8.19.10 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      There’s no need for hostility Sarah. That’s what I was gathering from various sources at the time. I haven’t been keeping tabs on the story since then so I haven’t been updating it.

      Posted on 8.19.10 · Reply to comment

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