Month: September 2010

30 Sep 2010

Double Posts Tomorrow!

Within the first week of school, I have already lost one of my notebooks. Embarrassing. I’ve been copying notes all night so the news will just pile up even more tomorrow.

On a more exciting note,

I spotted the Edward Cullen of Seattle University yesterday. I found myself gawking at him when he strolled past with me with his rolling backpack and across the sky bridge. I wanted to know his name and I thought about asking, but I got so scared! “Edward, is that you?!”

Another friend let me know that she caught a glimpse of him today as well. Three days in a row now – this is a new record.

Today, was the official opening partay of my school’s new renovated library.

Things that I didn’t see: Bill Gates even though he was present.

Things that I did see: Paramedics called to the event loading someone onto a stretcher with the pep band still playing in the background. Way to keep things normal.

Things that happened: I was studying with my group in one of the rooms in the library when the man that actually BOUGHT that room was standing outside of it taking pictures of us inside. That must have been very cool for him – I kind of feel like I made his day.

30 Sep 2010

Thai To-Go

The Barista Boyz espresso stand on 12th and Madison lived a short life and soon we will forget that they were even there because something bigger and better is about to move in. The owners of Thai Curry Simple located in the International District will be taking over this space as a Thai to-go pick me up! The shop will open up in November and cater to mostly vegetarian dishes. As if the students of Seattle University needed to be spoiled with more food options we can now add another to the top of the list!


30 Sep 2010

Competiton Gets Fierce for Seattle Center’s Fun Forest Space

What do the number look like so far?

These numbers were recorded as of 3:00 PM on September 27.

Support Chihuly project: 466
Support KEXP (some mention KEXP/Open Platform as one entity): 462
Oppose Chihuly: 215
Support Fun Forest: 43
Support NW Native Cultural Center: 16
Support Open Platform alone: 8
Support tiger breeding ground: 5


UMMMM WHAT?! Why isn’t tiger breeding getting more votes?

To read the full article, click here.

In all seriousness, my vote would be for KEXP of course. I’m always on the side that supports the Seattle music scene.

30 Sep 2010

Out on the Town: 10/1

Jennifer Coolidge AKA Stiffler’s mom will be performing a comedy show at The Triple Door! Tickets are still available here if you haven’t got any Friday night plans yet.

30 Sep 2010

Kick Ass Accents

Tonight, I watched the film Kick Ass at school – a movie I have seen before and enjoy. The lead actor Aaron Johnson plays the dorky and awkward teenager well. I’ve read a lot about him in the news because he is engaged to a 40-some year old woman who in today’s speak could be considered a cougar. I don’t know. All I know is that she’s about 20 years older than him and the two of them just had a baby together. His fiance, Sam Taylor-Wood [The name has been verified] is from Britain so that got me thinking – maybe Aaron isn’t from America! I had never done the research before until now so my theory had been correct. Aaron Johnson was indeed British.

This is how I solve things in life. It’s a thought process. Below are two YouTube videos – the first is the Kick Ass trailer where you will hear his American accent and the second an interview with his British accent.

Why this stuff is of interest to me…I couldn’t tell ya.

30 Sep 2010

Natural Leaf Carving

How did these images find their way onto actual leaves? This art form created by China’s Nature’s Art is actually called leaf carving. Leaves are already super thin so imagine the patience, and skill that goes into leaf carving. Artist have to cut into the leaf manually and carefully remove the surface to create what you see above without harming or cutting into any of the veins. The veins remain untouched because they add detail to the images and often pose as part of the tree in the setting. The leaves used in the project come from the Chinar tree typically found in Pakistan, China, and India.

Read more “Natural Leaf Carving”

30 Sep 2010

Last Night’s Glee Episode

I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I just have to say – coming from a girl that has seen Britney Spears perform live twice now – seeing her on Glee made me feel like I was nine years old again.

I’m glad that she decided to appear in the show in the end.

I actually think that was one of my favorite episodes that I’ve seen from the show.

29 Sep 2010

Out on the Town: 9/30

The Crocodile and The Showbox are coming together to bring you Minus the Bear and special guests in support of the Pablove Foundation. Doors are at 7:30 PM with advanced tickets going for $20.

The show will be held at The Crocodile.


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