01 Sep 2010

Prada in the middle of nowhere

In 2005, a Prada shop was built near Marfa, Texas in the middle of nowhere. It is eye-catching, surprising, and wondrous. It would have been way more interesting if the shop was real, but I don’t think the business would do so well if that were the case. As cool as it would have been, I totally understand why it isn’t actually real – just imagine the difficulties they would have trying to run a store from there. For a start, they would get almost no passers-by or through-traffic, meaning sales would definitely be low. As well as that, they would surely struggle for internet access, which is essential for businesses nowadays. I know that Satellite Internet Now provide satellite internet for rural locations, but this may be pushing it a bit! I can’t imagine there would be great cell signal out there, either! And who would want to do the deliveries to that place? Nobody!!
So no, it isn’t a shop. The Prada pop up is actually just an art installation – and a fantastic one at that. The items in the store include 20 pairs of shoes and six handbags from the fall/winter 2005 collection – each chosen by Miuccia Prada. The installation was made to resemble a sort of time capsule that remains in place. Designed by German artists Elmgree and Dragset, the Prada store has taken the #2 spot on the Top 10 American Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping For.

I know where I’ll be headed here if I ever take a road trip down south.


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