30 Sep 2010

Double Posts Tomorrow!

Within the first week of school, I have already lost one of my notebooks. Embarrassing. I’ve been copying notes all night so the news will just pile up even more tomorrow.

On a more exciting note,

I spotted the Edward Cullen of Seattle University yesterday. I found myself gawking at him when he strolled past with me with his rolling backpack and across the sky bridge. I wanted to know his name and I thought about asking, but I got so scared! “Edward, is that you?!”

Another friend let me know that she caught a glimpse of him today as well. Three days in a row now – this is a new record.

Today, was the official opening partay of my school’s new renovated library.

Things that I didn’t see: Bill Gates even though he was present.

Things that I did see: Paramedics called to the event loading someone onto a stretcher with the pep band still playing in the background. Way to keep things normal.

Things that happened: I was studying with my group in one of the rooms in the library when the man that actually BOUGHT that room was standing outside of it taking pictures of us inside. That must have been very cool for him – I kind of feel like I made his day.

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