Month: September 2010

29 Sep 2010

Rumi Neely for Free People

My favorite fashion role model Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast recently shot for the October catalog of Free People. Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot! So excited. The shoot was photographed by her boyfriend Colin who also does all of her photos for her own blog as well. The beautiful location was set at the home of one of their senior designers in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.

29 Sep 2010

Bomb Threats Are No Joke Lady

The idea that crazy girlfriends exist is comical to me. I’ve heard my fair share of stories, but none as crazy as this one from The Frisky. Apparently one crazy ex-girlfriend was so out of her mind that she decided to call in to a flight carrying her ex-boyfriend to his actual wedding to notify them that he had carried a bomb onto the plane. Clearly, we know why he is marrying someone else now. The flight, which took off in Toronto, never made it to its destination of Karachi, Pakistan because the plane needed to land in order to resolve this matter. At the emergency landing in Stockholm, Sweden all 273 passengers were evacuated and the SWAT team was brought in to handcuff the poor guy. [What a nightmare, I hope this never happens to me.] Since no bombs were found, the crazy ex had to admit that she only made up the lie to make the groom late for his own wedding.

Home girl should have just flown to the wedding and pulled a “Rachel Green.”


29 Sep 2010

I Am Number 4

Adapted from Pittacus Lore’s (a.k.a James Frey and Jobie Hughes) novel of the same name, the film centers around nine aliens who escape to Earth after their home planet is destroyed by an enemy species known as the Mogadorians. Each alien (they resemble humans) is assigned a guardian to guide them as they grow into their super powers and a number to distinguish them. The Mogadorians begin hunting the nine on Earth, but can only kill them in sequential order—something to keep in mind as you watch the trailer.

The teaser opens with quick cuts akin to a murder scene from a scary movie. Over a celestial backdrop, we learn how the first three aliens met their demises. Number One was killed in Malaysia. Number Two was murdered in not-so-jolly ol’ England. Number Three was hunted down in Kenya. Hence, the plight of Number Four (Alex), who’s known on Earth as John Smith. We don’t need to consult “Sesame Street”‘s Count to know he’s next. Knife-wielding, motorcycle chasing, laser-shooting palms, exploding hallways and a heart-thumping soundtrack all make for an intriguing trailer. Here’s hoping these elements translate into an intriguing film. I can say this much: I’m eager for something more than a tease after this first look.

The movie stars Alex Pettyfer and Glee’s Dianna Agron who are both dating each other off screen having been brought together by this movie.


29 Sep 2010

Out on the Town: 9/29

Come see The Maldives, Fences, and The Horde & The Harem tonight at Chop Suey! It’s a free show, but make sure you RSVP here for entry.

Doors are at 8:00 PM.

29 Sep 2010

2AM Club – What Did You Think Was Going To Happen

Their debut album was released just a couple weeks ago and already it has found its way to being the soundtrack to my morning routines – a coveted spot. I first heard of 2AM Club when their debut song “Worry About You” appeared on the ABC Family hit television series Pretty Little Liars. I’ve been hooked ever since! It is difficult for me to review albums because I usually find myself being too nice. I’ve grown up supporting local acts because I know the work and dedication that goes into making and album so it is hard for me to judge otherwise.

2AM Club is reminiscent of a boy band. They are today’s modern version of the stereotypical boy bands such as N’Sync and Backstreet Boys, but they are not heartthrobs. They have tossed a little hip hop into their poppy mix, which gives them a slight advantage. They’ve got the catchiest songs, but not the best lyrics. If I could compare them to a boy band it would be LFO, the band that produced hit songs like “Summer Girls” or “Girl on TV” with strings of lyrics that don’t make any sense at all.

If you don’t over analyze the lyrics too much, you will actually find yourself enjoying the album. The songs are fun – there’s no denying that and they’re fun to sing a long to. I would imagine that these guys could put on a great show! Of course, you’ll have to let me know – they just happen to be on tour w/ Mike Posner right now.

Favorite songs:

  • Flashing Room
  • Same Night Sky
  • Worry About You
  • Faster Babe
  • Saturday Night
  • Let Me Down Easy
29 Sep 2010

Brad and Rachel Split

When I first read the headline of the article, I immediately thought that Rachel and her husband were splitting up. Silly me – Roger is her husband, it’s Brad Goreski who is her assistant. If you’ve ever watched the show, you would see that it is easy to mix up the two. Brad and Roger share just as much screen time with Rachel and both satisfy her needs in different ways that you would naturally believe that they are both married to her!

The Rachel Zoe Project became my guilty pleasure this summer making sure that it was always on during my Saturday mornings while I was making breakfast. I’ve been a long time fan of her work and her books, which I don’t buy myself, but still manage to read during my trips to Borders.

This morning, news was released that Brad would be leaving his position with Rachel, but not his friendship. This isn’t another Taylor situation because this split was amicable.

According to People, Brad explained, “I love Rachel and she’s taught me everything I know. But there’s a point where either I do it now or I’ll never know what it’s like to spread my wings and soar.”

Brad, you will surely be missed. We are wishing you the best of luck – we just know you’ll do great things!


29 Sep 2010

Parallel with Time

I have lived a quarter of my life. You know what that means…

I’m as old as the invention of the DVD player. Pretty soon, there won’t be a DVD player anymore because things will come along and take the place of it. As I continue to grow and learn, I have taken in a better sense of what is around me. I’m starting to become more comfortable within my surroundings wherever they may be, but at the same time – if you can understand this – I feel that time ages as I age.

What does this mean exactly?

I started to convince myself that kids don’t play with toys anymore. In reality, I know that this is not true. I imagined that the internet has become a large part of my generation that maybe it has seeped into theirs as well. Just last week, I posted about the young teenager that won the National Texting Competition. I didn’t get my first cell phone until 8th grade! That just isn’t the case anymore. The reason why I have forgotten about toys is because I don’t see the advertisements – and why would I? At 20, I’m not watching Saturday morning cartoons anymore. Instead, I’m watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians or marathons of Criminal Minds. HOBviously, these are networks that do not correlate with that type of market. [Yes, I’m learning a lot in school.] Where do kids even buy toys anymore? Every local Toys”R”Us around me is shutting down.

If you read my blog often, you know that I frequent The Stranger blogs. In recent months, stories that I have been reading about revolve around young teens committing suicide because of bullying. Every time I read a story, I can’t help, but wonder why I feel so detached from the subject. Why is this still happening in schools? Why did I never see this occurring when I was in middle school? Why is this a matter that I am not familiar with? I can’t define “they,” but they say that bullying is normal. You read about it all the time in your books or watch it in your shows, but that’s where you leave it. I started to believe that it didn’t exist or maybe I didn’t want to believe it. There may never really be an answer to this, I realize that, but sometimes we just question.

Something that probably should have affected me when I was younger is affecting me now.

29 Sep 2010

In Things That Are Pink That Probably Shouldn’t Be Pink of the day

22-year old Natasha Gregory decided to use food dye on her little kitty after she discovered the idea on a US television show. As a result, people are speaking out. [Naturally.] In case you thought about trying this at home, animal activists advise against it.

The cat has now been given the nickname “The Pink Panther.” Nice.


29 Sep 2010

A Simple “Hello” can go a long way

Do people even use pick-up lines anymore? These days, I almost see it as more of a joke because if a guy really wanted to ask me out, he wouldn’t need to use some cheesy pick up line. Based on my own personal preference, I am more likely to respond to someone if they just strike up a conversation with me. It can start out as small talk, but sooner or later you’ll realize if it’s there it’s there – right? Although I personally don’t like pick up lines and don’t think they work from my account, I guess they do actually work with some women. Many guys get them from sites like in order to find some of the best ones, but like I said they work on some women but definitely not me.

Guys – If you’re still using pick up lines, you should probably just stop. Don’t make me get into this incident again!

In a recent article by The Daily Mail, scientific evidence has proved that if you want any success with the opposite sex, all you have to do is say “Hello.” Cue Lionel Richie. If you’re feeling a little bold, you can even ask “How are you?” Politeness is key, not creepiness. That rule isn’t in the article, but it’s my rule so it is just as important.

I can actually vouch for this theory because not too long ago I made the sporadic decision of stepping into my local Abercrombie and Fitch [I don’t shop there regularly – I promise] where I was greeted with a “Hello” from an attractive “model” ie. sales associate. I’m sure that he was just trying to do his job, but regardless, he kind of won me over within the first five seconds! Just sayin’!

To read the full article, click here.


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