Justin Timberlake, Remember When You Were in A boy band?

I haven’t seen The Social Network yet, but from what I have heard from others and the reviews online, it seems like it should be a movie I should check out. Even though Justin  Timberlake has been in a few movies, it is still hard for me to take his acting seriously. He was decent in Alpha Dog, but then I remember that the first time I saw him acting was in the Disney film Model Behavior. He has two other movie projects that he is working on right now, but to me, he’ll always be Justin Timberlake from N’Sync and BuzzFeed won’t let him forget it. Today, the website released a new post entitled “The 25 Most Embarrassing Pictures of Justin Timberlake.”

Oh and it is as good as it sounds…

Pictures here – – >Source

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54 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake, Remember When You Were in A boy band?

  1. lol, that picture is amazing!

  2. Poor Justin! His “It’s Gonna Be Me” attitude towards acting seems like it’s getting the “Bye Bye Bye” from fans. It’s just “Tearin Up My Heart”. Thanks for the post!!!

  3. mrsjarette says:

    He looks a hot mess in the picture , but i did love N’sync

  4. Katie says:

    Nice! Though you gotta kind of feel for the guy – I mean, he’s trying to grow up. I know I’d hate it if the 25 most embarrassing pictures of ME found their way across the internet, and worse – people actually cared!

  5. intrepidtraveller says:

    Ha! That pic is hilarious! I wonder does he look back on pics of himself in his late teens the way normal people look at embarassing baby photos?! :

  6. tigerlalie says:

    I saw The Social Network this weekend and found the entire movie very engaging. I have enjoyed Justin’s SNL appearances but have never seen him in any movies but was pretty impressed by him in the Facebook movie.

  7. xojmo says:

    Gosh. I loved ‘Nsync. I especially loved it when he and Britney were dating and they wore matching denim outfits to an awards show. Ahh, those were the days! BTW, my favorite ‘Nsyncer was JC!

  8. roarmkting says:

    This is such a good nostalgic post. I remember growing up and thinking the outfits N’Sync used to wear were cutting edge. Gotta love late 90s/early 00s fashion. He also does a pretty good job on SNL whenever he is on too.

  9. bradenbost says:

    This is brilliant . . . but I see absolutely nothing wrong with #20. Especially the button suspenders. Button suspenders will always be stylish.

    . . . maybe his pants are ridiculously baggy but we can’t tell.

    I just saw that you live in Seattle. Props!


  10. Aren’t you glad no one followed you around as a teenager and documented your biggest fashion flubs? I know I am! ;)

  11. I love it whenever Justin shows up on SNL; he does have a wacky sense of humor. Anybody willing to wear a leotard, tights and high heels so they can dance with Beyonce is brave and willing to laugh at themself is all right with me.

  12. ryoko861 says:

    What I like about Justin is he has a sense of humor. When he did his own take on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, I almost peed myself! He’s pretty down to earth underneath the glitz and glitter. He loves to make people laugh I think. He doesn’t care about embarrassing photos. He laughs at himself.

  13. Haha priceless photo!

  14. educlaytion says:

    Since I never considered his existence prior to acting, I have no problem just appreciating his performances, especially his SNL stuff in which he is hilarious everytime.

  15. aangron says:

    hahaha.. but I am a fan of Justin Timberlake. Yes, a lot of them are awful or maybe all of them are, (haha, what a fan) but these pictures only show how much he has grown from when he started.

  16. CrystalSpins says:

    Hey even when he was in a boy band — no matter how embarrassing the costumes were — he was an amazing talent. Don’t hate because he sang and danced his way onto the world stage instead of getting his foot in the door with some indie film.


  17. If he didn’t have a kajillion dollars as a result of all of those embarrassing photos I’d almost feel bad for him. In the meantime, I’ll continue to laugh at him.

  18. lester43 says:

    I’ll give him a bit of credit, his performance in “The Social Network” isn’t half bad……

  19. EmmKay says:

    I thought he was great in The Social Network. He deserves the credit he’s getting for a fine acting job.

  20. Sophie says:

    OH my gosh, that picture is absolutely awesome. I sometimes forget his roots, as I was team Backstreet Boys back in the day… I’ve got to give him props for making a solid transition to a legitimate career singing, dancing and acting… Which is apparently not very easy (*ahem* Christina Aguilera, Britney, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Simpson)

  21. Skylar Hope says:

    He has to be the cockiest musician ive ever met. I swear, its my goal to go to another signing of his and have a picture of him with his god awful fro, mr clean earring and his nose that he hadn’t grown into and have him sign it. Perhaps then he’ll remember that he wasn’t always the it guy.

  22. mpc78 says:

    Haha! The pictures perked up my day!! thanks! xx

  23. I’m trying to forget.

    He was good enough in Social Network not to ruin it. He’s annoying at times, but serviceable.

  24. He became known when the clothes and style were totally off LOL, poor thing

  25. J says:

    I would have never said yes to that get up lol! I want to see social network to:)

  26. Matt says:

    #11 is my personal favorite. looks like an outtake from a Penthouse shoot.

  27. sayitinasong says:

    Oh I think JT is working his hardest for you to FORGET he was in a boyband…lol… I once saw N’Sync live and they all sounded like they were on helium… the vocals were so manipulated to allow all the dancing I guess… I definitely want to see the movie though…

  28. PJC says:

    I remember when his music was all the rage. Who knew boy bands would have been that popular?

  29. kevin says:

    i was a great fan of justin timberlake when i was still a boy. tthatt was way back when he was still part of n’sync and was JT. it is very hard to associate him with the acting industry aside from being a music artist.

  30. Amanda says:

    My fav is #20 where he says in the quote, “But, honestly, I don’t look at myself as sexy,” … and yet, isn’t he responsible for bringing sexy back?!

  31. Brian J.P. says:

    Haha I am a big fan! I think he is so likable!!! :)

  32. Norah says:

    What the…? Where the hell did that pic come from??!! Too funny. It’s like he walked through a water color fountain. But I have to admit, I still love him.

  33. Sunflowerdiva says:

    Haha, this is a funny picture of him! :D

  34. 2zpoint says:

    Id..Id..Id…just bury my head in in the sand like an ostrich if that were me. Oh! who am I kiddin’ I just found my halloween costume this year!LOL!

  35. manas roy says:

    simply boring…………. why bothers someone who is not gonna change ur life by laughing on some1 else………..

  36. Adam Miller says:

    That is rather embarrassing. He was pretty good as Sean Parker in The Social Network. It’s ironic that he’s playing a guy who claims to have brought down the music studios. He’s done so much to make them wealthy.

  37. travelingmad says:

    I almost forgot Justin Timberlake was even in a boy band. I didn’t really listen to them so I only know his solo stuff.

    That pic is funny and I can’t wait to check out the rest!

  38. y3 games says:

    Those good ol’days. Fact is, almost all teens by that time then, loved those boy bands. We used to appreciate them and thought how trendy they were. Oh, well fashion does change.

  39. Micheal Ken says:

    Lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing this with us :D

    Best regards

  40. Tamyrah Noel says:

    Why do people post pictures of celebrities like that? They’re old pictures from when he was young. Who cares? People always have to keep stuff going on celebrities, so people can keep posting bad comments and negative blogs. It’s so stupid and annoying. The people that do things like this need to get a life. How would you feel if you were a celebrity and everybody posted embarrassing pictures of you? It wouldn’t feel so good would it?

  41. I was not a JT fan back in the day and even more dubious of his “acting.” But you HAVE to see the movie. I wanted to see it despite Justin Timberlake, but he was part of what made that movie amazing. Anyone can be in a movie, not everyone can act. I forgot he was JT and thought he was the napster guy. He is an actor.

  42. Hahaha! Lol on the colors! His clothes look like a canvass of a depressed painter.

  43. hoover vac says:

    The part about how Fincher determined to shoot Timberlake over Eisenberg’s shoulder was a particularly fascinating observation.

  44. admguy says:

    Hahaha what an funny pic of ol’ JT. That’s one crazy pair of pants he’s rockin’ here. Thanks for the post! You’re bang on.

  45. sakura says:

    It’s sad that nsync is no more but he was still good.

  46. Marcus says:

    That picture made me lol, taking it back sometime. I do like JT though, hes talent and a pretty down to earth dude. He’s by far the most successful out of the group too.

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  47. y3 games says:

    yess. I love your post. Thanks

  48. lol loving the picture of JT! The late 90s/early 2000s were a terrible time for fashion. I miss his music so much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good actor, but he was born to be a singer.

  49. tips says:

    JT was the hottest thing back in the day, he is a great actor but an amazing singer. Music needs him back

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