29 Nov 2010

Guys – What NOT to wear on a first date

When I was a young girl picturing my first date, the ideal outfit that came to my mind was a pair of denim worn with a plain t-shirt and a black fitted blazer. I remember my assumption was that this was the most flattering outfit for any guy. If they were wearing this, they would make any girl swoon. I believed in this idea until the d-bags from The Hills ruined it for me.

To be honest, most girls don’t worry too much about what their potential guy is wearing. It is not as crucial as personality, overall looks, or even a sense of humor. Of course, no girl would like a guy showing up in a ragged, worn outfit smelling like he hasn’t showered for days. Putting in a little effort to look and smell good does make us want to spend more time with them, so wearing a nice outfit and using something like True Pheromones to give our senses something to crave for could make them more attractive. It shows us that the guy is actually interested and cares enough to make himself presentable. Although looks aren’t everything, first impressions do mean something!

So, this isn’t an aspect that I think guys should take lightly. The Frisky created a post today about the 30 Things Guys Should Never Wear on a First Date. Using some of the items they noted, here are my reasons why they should NEVER be worn on a first date (or any date for that matter)

1. A bow tie. Don’t give me the impression that your mother dressed you.

2. A tuxedo. Because you shouldn’t make me look under dressed.

3. Women’s underpants. This will scare ANY girl away. Just don’t. Please.

4. Makeup. Are you sure you’re on a date with the right person?

5. Self-tanner. If I wanted a gorilla juice head, I would ask for one.

6. A sleeveless shirt. This is the worst. I don’t care how warm it is outside, wearing a sleeveless shirt gives off the impression that you don’t take this date very seriously. More importantly, it makes you look sloppy.

7. Skinny jeans. I have no problem with this – as long as you don’t look better than me [in skinny jeans.] or overall.

8. Dirty clothes. This is embarrassing.

9. Super baggy jeans. No. No. No. At one glance, girls will turn away from the date and walk right back where they come from.

10. A team jersey. You got lazy with this one.

11. An Ed Hardy baseball cap. I will never date anyone who wears Ed Hardy or any imitation Ed Hardy. Try hard much Jon Gosselin?

12. A wifebeater. NEVER!

13. Too much cologne. I hear Abercrombie girls like that, but not this girl or the next girl.

14. A gold chain/jewelry in general. I never understood this and probably never will. Unless it’s a meaningful piece I won’t allow it. Gold chains are a definite no.

15. A goatee. Gross. The same goes for weird looking facial hair. Take care of it before you go on a date.

16. Over-waxed brows. High maintenance – no thanks.


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