Month: December 2010

30 Dec 2010

Winter Hipster Wedding

It is typically summer when I find myself swooning over weddings, but since then I haven’t found any being featured that I have really adored! This past winter, Hannah and Anthony got married and everything about their wedding was beautiful. I want a bouquet just like hers! To view all of the pictures, click here!

Thanks A Cup of Jo for sharing!

30 Dec 2010

Happy New Year! From the OC and Yow Yow!

There is no better way to celebrate the start of New Year’s Eve than watching this epic clip from The OC. It is one of my favorite episodes of all time from the series, but also one of my favorite episodes from any show involving New Year’s Eve.


30 Dec 2010

Yow Yow’s Yearly Recap

Since tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I will not be posting very much if I end up posting at all. This blog is about to turn two years old already! I can’t believe it. I’ve been writing since halfway through my freshman year and during that time, I only intended for this to be a one-year project. Well, a lot has changed since then so I thought I would share some of the changed stats from Dec 2009 to Dec 2010. Thanks for sticking around!

I have had 173,457 total visits to Yow Yow! – – – – – – – – – – – – –  463,901+ (since the day isn’t over yet) total visits to Yow Yow!

*In just 2010, there were 290,392+ visits to Yow Yow!

1423 Posts, 667 Comments and 3,470 Tags – – – – – – – – – – – 3,538 Posts, 1,163 Comments 6,534 Tags

Top post – “Dora Grows Up. Gets Sexier While Doing So?” – (10,351 views) – – – –  “I Like Your Style…Cheryl Cole (43,509 views)

Busiest month in terms of views: December 2009 (29,863 views) – – – – October 2010 – 30, 805 views

Average visits per day: December 2009 (963 views) – – – – – December 2010 – 1,018 views

Busiest day was October 15th 2009 (3,873 views) – – – – – – October 5, 2010 (4,239 views)

Interviews include:

Fashion Designer Sena Yang

Photographer Sage Grazer

Dating Brian

TV Personality Suchin Pak

Brendan Leonard

Singer Jessie Payo

DJ Euna Kao – Bearbot

Credits + References

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Featured post by “Hey Justin Timberlake, Remember When You Were in a Boy Band?”

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Worked with Destiny Worldwide

Worked with Gorillajedi

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30 Dec 2010

Pretty Little Liars Gets Four New Books

Author of the popular book series “Pretty Little Liars,” Sara Shepard, has announced that she will be releasing four new books to be added to the series. The first book will hit shelves July 2011 bringing the entire series to a total of 12 books. Though the book series was supposed to end after the eighth book, her decision to continue writing comes from the success and popularity of the ABC Family television show. J.K. Rowling – it’s time to step up your game.

The show returns MONDAY! Is anyone else excited?!


30 Dec 2010

Japanese Children vs Zombie Prank

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re ready for your daily dosage of cuteness. I watched this video after seeing it on my newsfeed and thought you might enjoy it. A school in Japan decided to teach three young children the importance of teamwork by setting loose a “zombie” to attack them. Basically, the kids were lead to believe that their lives were about to be over and were absolutely scared shitless. After watching the video, I’m not exactly sure if that plan worked out or not, but it was still entertaining. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles!

30 Dec 2010

The Playbook

If I could swoon over any character from a television series, it would probably be How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris. Well, my first choice would be Adam Brody, but that show is long gone so naturally, I had to move on. Barney has got the most game that I have ever seen in a character, let alone, out of anyone I know in real life. He always knows the right thing to do and say except in Season 3-Episode 10 “The Yips.” If you haven’t seen the show at all, you should probably get on that. This year, I missed his annual “suit up” day, but feel that I redeemed myself when I hosted my “Legen-wait for it-Dary” birthday party.

If you’re a guy that has not had a great deal of success in your game, I suggest you pick up a copy of “The Playbook” to guide you along. Couldn’t hurt right? In fact, buy all three books because they will probably change your life.


30 Dec 2010

Follow-Up With Eleanor Seabird

My favorite part about writing for Yow Yow! is having the chance to interview people that are doing incredible things with their life right now. Similar to the posts found on this blog, my interviewees come from a variety of backgrounds. They are singers, actors, photographers, designers, reality show contestants, and internet sensations. For the most part, they have been like us. They have started from nothing, but have built upon their aspirations to create something all their own.

Since I started my interviews back in 2009, I have been noticing how frequently they appear under my Top Posts so as we go into the new year, I would still like to continue doing interviews. In Yow Yow’s history, I have conducted 13 interviews with the most recent one being with Euna Kao. I decided that since it has been over a year since I have caught up with my interviewees a lot has probably changed with them. I have re-contacted all of them with follow-up questions to see where they are in their lives today. As I receive my responses, I will be making follow-up posts with them with the first being Miss Eleanor Seabird.

When we first met Eleanor back in late November of 2009, she was residing in London and still recording songs that she would later perform at venues all over the city. I learned that Eleanor Seabird was not the name that she was born with – though it is an awesome name – and that she was originally from America! To read my first interview with Eleanor, click here. Something I found interesting about that interview was that when I asked what she thought my readers should be listening to then she answered Ellie Goulding, The XX, and The Temper Trap – and those just happen to be a few of my favorites today.

With that, let’s get into her follow-up responses.

Q: The last time we heard from you, you were releasing your album on iTunes! How was that?

Eleanor: Having the ELLE P on itunes is amazing. I released it via my own record label Lunettes and people have responded well to it…. it’s my 1st release ever and I have to say that it’s cool to know people can download my music and put it on their ipod and enjoy it. The cover is cool as well, it’s actually a well known little record store called Alan’s and I bought my 1st album there (Steely Dan’s The Royal Scam) in the UK and the place hasn’t changed and I wanted to use an iconic piece of London since it’s my adopted hometown on the cover and Stuart Nichols did a great job taking the photo and I hope people continue to buy it and enjoy it!!!

Q: Do you have any new songs for us, tour dates, or news?

E: I do have two new songs I’m working on and in January my writing partner and producer Gaz Twist and I will be back in the studio and hope to get a single out on iTunes in early 2011 and going to put out another EP and my 1st music video. It’s been in the works a while but my mate Martin Koddenberg who is the director has been nagging me to get going so I think we are going to shoot quite soon and get it out on youtube and my website.

Q: Top 5 albums for the year?

E: I’m excited about this next question as I think it was an amazing year with so much new talent coming on to the scene and a couple artists getting their dues as well. My top 5 would be:

** Summer Camp- Young EP
They are like a teen 80s soundtrack revisited. Somehow there music syncs well with everyday things.
I love the song Veronica Sawyer (Stay Home) so check that track out.

** Neon Indian- Psychic Chasms
I heard this and just screamed. It’s such a great record and I listened to it all summer long.
The best song: Deadbeat Summer. But the whole thing is a delight.

** Caitlin Rose- Own Side Now
I read about her in a newspaper and decided to check her out. Americana music is quite trendy in the UK and she is so talented. So so talented. I love her voice and her songwriting is world class and she’s a real musician.
Song to listen to: Shanghai Cigarettes

**Ariel Pink- Before Today
It’s been on everyone’s list but Ariel Pink is a genius. I’ve loved him and his band for such a long time and am glad to see them getting well known. This album is superb and it’s catchy experimental pop. It’s got this 80’s sleaze too it which I love, its gritty and underground and well made.
Best song: Round and Round and Hot BodyRub

and my top 2010 album is….

** Rumer- Seasons of my Soul
Probably virtually unknown in the states but she’s been trying to break it into the music business and is getting her break. She’s the UK’s Karen Carpenter and her songs are exquisite. I don’t think it will be everyone’s cuppa, but her voice and her songwriting is magical. I cried when her show at Royal Albert Hall in London sold out and hope that she does do well in the states but I think the kind of music she makes is a bit sophisticated but she will do well…. I know she will.
Best song: Aretha. I love her tribute to the soul queen and her voice will just make your jaw drop.

Q: Any New Years resolutions?

E: Yes a couple…. Been a bit lazy when it comes to answering emails and keeping in touch with people so going to do that and to learn to play guitar and write good music and work hard.
Thanks in writing to me and giving me your support since Day 1, I really really appreciate it.


After the first interview in 2009, Eleanor and I stayed in touch and became e-mail pen pals. She is an incredible song writer and performer and I wish her nothing, but the best for her music career.

30 Dec 2010

100 Interviews

This wouldn’t be the first time where I have made a post about someone who interviews or interacts with random strangers. When you’re young, your parents tell you not to talk to strangers. I mean, they are right, obviously. Even as we age into adulthood, talking to strangers still makes people nervous like when you meet new students in a class, at your work, or when you’re just simply in a room full of strangers. Strangers, I’ve learned, are sometimes the people that will teach you the most. They are the unexpected ones you cross paths with and never expect anything from.

100 Interviews is a project conducted by 22-year-old Gaby Dunn who has decided to meet and interview 100 types of people that she has never met before. These people range from someone who is an inventor to someone who is remaining a virgin until marriage to a recovering heroin addict. Gaby started this project on October 1st, 2010 and hopes to have met her goal in exactly one year. I’ve already read through two of her interviews – her most recent ones – and I am quite impressed. I kind of wish that I had come up with her idea first!

To check out 100 Interviews, click here. You probably won’t be able to stop reading once you start.

30 Dec 2010

All Jarred Up

I am such a little dessert fiend, but if it were up to me, all of my desserts would actually BE little. I’ll pass on Cheesecake Factory’s enormous slices of cheesecakes. I’d rather have cake pops and jarred pies. All Jarred Up can be found on Etsy and are known for packing their delightful desserts into cute jars. It’s too bad that Christmas has passed because they would make awesome gifts. Maybe Valentine’s Day?

Yes, please. Do want.

29 Dec 2010

BuzzFeed’s Top 20 Videos of 2010

What would we do without YouTube? What would we do without television shows like Tosh.0 or websites like BuzzFeed that round up the best 20 videos we should have seen this year that define 2010?

The answer:

Perish like a sweater monkey.

Catch that Bring It On reference? No?

Okay, here’s the rest of the list on BuzzFeed. You won’t want to miss this.


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