01 Dec 2010

Michael Cera IS Mister Heavenly

Subpop Records in Seattle recently signed Mister Heavenly, a band that apparently no one has ever heard of. I didn’t have much time to research them when the news hit yesterday, but this new blog post from The Stranger’s Line Out definitely got my attention.

Earlier this evening, Mister Heavenly opened for Passion Pit at the Moore Theater and will continue touring with the band for the next ten days. The band is made up of Nick Diamonds, (Islands/Unicorns) Honus Honus, (Man Man) and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse). Cut to tonight’s performance, the audience found Mr. Dreamboat Michael Cera playing bass on stage!


First of all, can we just take a second to appreciate the names of the band members. If I were unfamiliar with them at all, I would’ve thought that the band was going to be a big secret featuring all-star players. In a way, it kind of is. MICHAEL CERA. I can’t get over it, sorry.

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  1. mallory wrote:

    i saw this band last night and it was soooo horrible. you could totally tell this was there first time playing and it totally did not fit into the passion pit vibe at all. they were horrible michael cera or not.

    Posted on 12.1.10 · Reply to comment
  2. But see, I get what’s going on here. This is an ironic commentary on their own hipster irony– some kind of meta indie-bomb, dropped to out-irony us all.


    Posted on 12.3.10 · Reply to comment

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