30 Dec 2010

Winter Hipster Wedding

It is typically summer when I find myself swooning over weddings, but since then I haven’t found any being featured that I have really adored! This past winter, Hannah and Anthony got married and everything about their wedding was beautiful. I want a bouquet just like hers! To view all of the pictures, click here!

Thanks A Cup of Jo for sharing!

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  • 🌎
  • How to dodge a Monday... sort of
  • Hand roll life 4eva
  • Actually almost blew away today because of the wind
  • Wanted so badly to make another bouquet today 😫💐
  • @sightglass with all the best light 💫
  • How we survived today is beyond me 😅
  • Not Coachella
  • Just a few years ago, our photos looked a little bit different than they do now. I’ll be sharing a few from the archives leading up to our trip next week! 🌂

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