Month: December 2010

29 Dec 2010

Isabelle Caro Passes Away at 28

French model Isabelle Caro died on November 17, 2010 while she was hospitalized for a lung infection. It has not been reported yet whether he death was due to this infection, but her death for some reason was announced today. Isabelle had been battling anorexia and a number of eating disorders since the age of 12. In 2007, she posed nude for a shock awareness campaign to show the dangers of anorexia.

After her 2007 photo session, Caro told German magazine Stern that she felt like ‘an ambassador for anorexia.’ The photo session provided her with heightened media awareness.
Two years ago, she released an autobiography titled The Little Girl Who Didn’t Want To Get Fat.



29 Dec 2010

Out on the Town: 12/31

If you’re still scrambling for New Year’s Eve plans, have you considered entering into 2011 with a great show? One of my favorite Seattle bands Head Like a Kite will be performing with Fresh Espresso and Concours d’Elegance at The Crocodile. Tickets are $15 ADV and 21+ w/ doors at 8PM.

Have a safe New Years everyone!

29 Dec 2010

Skins Series 5 – the UK Version

I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding the premiere of MTV’s Skins Series One right now, but what about Skins Series 5?! They are, after all, the original. While I do believe that the MTV version will be successful in the states, watching the series will be like watching the original season from the UK all over again. Same plot – similar characters, etc. There is no official trailer yet, but here is the promo and the opening for series 5.

29 Dec 2010

The Year of Couples

2010 was all about couples. Between November and December alone there were so many breakups that I couldn’t keep track of them anymore. Not to mention, this past weekend brought us several engagements including Natalie Portman and her ballet dancer boyfriend now fiance. The Frisky has provided us with a graph depicting some of this year’s couples and whether or not they believe they will last.

29 Dec 2010

Cassius Clay – 19-year-old Stylist to Kanye

Back in September, we were introduced to Cassius Clay, the Yale student that became the stylist of Kanye West overnight. At the time of that post, we had just heard of the news, but no one even bothered to contact Clay himself. Opening Ceremony has published a new article including an interview and pictures of the young stylist to talk about how his life has changed since he took a leave of absence from Yale to become Kanye’s right hand man. This guy is so serious and all business. You will probably feel self-conscious about your personal style after reading this interview so click here to get there already!

29 Dec 2010

2011 Movie Guide A-Z

If you’re a huge movie buff like myself, then you will spend at least 20 minutes reading over the new list of movies to be released in 2011. There are some movies that weren’t included on this list because for the most part, these are just studio films. I also missed seeing the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis rom-com “Friends With Benefits” on the list as well. No trailers are attached, but there are brief descriptions. Just check out the lenghty list, click here!

28 Dec 2010

Best Movie Moments // Best Unofficial Film Posters of 2010

I love round-up posts. Specifically, I love reading round-up posts from the end of the year because they contain everything you ever needed to know in an entire year without having to do the research yourself. Okay, sometimes I have to do my own research.

Aside from The Frisky, my other favorite blog from this year is Flavorwire. Today Flavorwire posted two great posts about 2010’s Best Movie Moments and Unofficial Film Posters that I wanted to share with you.

Here are some of my favorite unofficial film posters:


28 Dec 2010

Multicolr Search Lab

I am a new fan of photo search engine website, Multicolr Search Lab. To be honest, I will probably never use this site to search for specific photos because I would rather type in key words to Google images. I will, however, use this search engine to play with the various color palettes to find random photographs. When adding more colors to the search you will continue to get results involving those color combinations.

To start playing now, click here!


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