25 Mar 2011

Pura Vida

A few weeks ago, one of my friends gave me a bracelet by Pura Vida. She had recently become a brand rep for them and after seeing one of her bracelets, I knew that I had to have one for myself so I picked out one that included various shades of purple, pink, black, and gray. The bracelets are hand-made in Costa Rica and the string that is used to make the bracelet doesn’t get all nasty when it gets wet because they are coated in wax.

The story behind how the bracelets are created is amazing and there is no way that I could do it justice by giving it here so if you are interested, feel free to check out Pura Vida’s website and snag a bracelet for yourself.

A portion of each bracelet sold goes directly to Surfrider Foundation, which is a grassroots foundation that supports the clean up of beaches and oceans all over the world.

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