07 Apr 2011

21 Things I learned From My 21st Birthday

Although my best friend told me that my birthday couldn’t technically be considered a holiday, my birthday is still my most celebrated day in the entire year! Ever since I was in middle school, my one day celebration has been extended to a week and what a week it has been. The 21st birthday is the day that many people look forward to because they are able to legally consume alcoholic beverages. While I can do that now, I am most excited to experience 21+ shows. In my week’s worth of celebrating, I was able to take away several valuable lessons from this event, but I also wanted to touch on some important lessons that I have learned along the way of becoming 21.

1) Even after you are done w/ high school, peer pressure still exists.

2) Two words. Happy Hour. Three words. Haven’t gone yet.

3) Don’t buy more than you can carry.

4) Enjoy your 21 Run. There is also nothing in the rulebooks that say that you can’t have more than one. (I had 4!)

5) There is absolutely no reason for you to ever have a drama-filled night.

6) Prepare yourself for a marathon. (regarding the 21 run that is)

7) At some point, you’re going to need to buy your own furniture.

8) If you have to shell out money for anything, always go for a good meal. It is always worth the cost.

9) Never forget to double check an email for errors in the content and in the address before sending.

10) When in doubt, just be charming. It is the one quality in a person that is simply irresistible. (at least to me anyways)

11) Gatorade for the morning after.

12) It is always best to just move forward. Let things in the past stay in the past. Let a previous fling be just that. If you keep going back, you’ll never move on.

13) Rarely, does anything good happen after 2AM.

14) Every girl should own a classic button up shirt. Great for spring/summer, a job interview, and maybe mornings after.

15) Expiration dates are there for a reason.

16) It is normal to feel lonely, overwhelmed, and anxious. NOTHING is wrong with you.

17) If he doesn’t challenge you, then it’s time to move on. Don’t waste time settling. At the same time, you can’t stay with someone who is a constant challenger…that’s just too exhausting.

18) Everyone needs an anthem – maybe even two, or three, or…

19) No one cares about who you were in high school once you’ve left. Be who you want to be. Dress how you want. Don’t be friends with everyone if you don’t want to be.

20) If you have a once in a life time chance to do something – do it. (Last day of class spring quarter – seniors, I’m talking to you!)

21) Learn to love others, but not before loving yourself.

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