Month: April 2011

26 Apr 2011

Song of the Day

Two Door Cinema Club – Eat That Up, It’s Good For You

So…this is my fourth Two Door Cinema Club song that I am featuring for the “Song of the Day.” What can I say? It’s a great CD. If you don’t have it by now, you should. During my lunch break today, I decided to watch this video because a) I love the song and 2) it showcases a storyline of a couple’s life beginning at the honeymoon stage and ending with… well – we all know how it’s going to end. It’s funny because just last week, Kevin shared with me a short film featuring Miss Cathy Nguyen on the exact same thing! Feel free to check it out here.

A little tip? Might not want to watch the music video while you’re nomming. Motion sickness failure, but still what an incredible video!

26 Apr 2011

School Consumes

When I attended the orientation for my school the summer before my freshman year, I was convinced that everyone I was meeting for the first time was a copy of someone I already knew in life. I know people like to believe that everyone has a twin out there in the world, but I started to believe that everyone’s twin just happened to be in WA state at the exact same time.

Anyways, I went through the next couple of years in school reconsidering my theory and calling it dumb, but as of today I am almost convinced that I am seeing a “Peter Parker” in one of my classes evolve right before my eyes.

Already in week five he is sans glasses, a bit bulkier than he was on the first day, and I’m pretty sure his hair has a new reddish tint to it.

First Edward Cullen, now Spiderman. Seattle University is just full of characters. I promise to keep you all informed on how this pans out. Also, if any of you are curious, the Edward Cullen of Seattle University is still here…and alive.

24 Apr 2011

New Look!

Happy Easter!

If you haven’t noticed by now, Yow Yow! looks a little bit different – a little bit brighter and much much whiter! For the longest time, I have been searching for a new layout and what I ultimately decided on Friday was to use the current layout I still had, but updated. I have become way too comfortable with this style to change the entire format, but I knew that I was tired with the dark gray so I made the background a plain white.

You may also have noticed that the header changed before the end of the month. The new header is a garland that I have been lusting over from ConfettiSystem.

I’m not sure if the new look is more or less gender neutral than it was before, but regardless – thank you all for continuing to be readers of Yow Yow! This project has been a great outlet for me throughout my entire college career and I cannot wait to see where the blog will bring us in my senior year and even post-grad.

Thank you!!

22 Apr 2011

Advice from the Fashion Industry’s Power Couple

(that I didn’t even know were a couple until now)

Lisa Mayock makes up one half of Vena Cava and Jeff Halmos makes up one half of Shipley & Halmos. In a new post by Details, the beautiful couple shares their advice on lifestyle, fashion, traveling, etc.

I’m embarrassed that I am now finding out that they’ve been together all along, but thrilled about this post because they just happen to be the co-creators of two of my favorite brands.



22 Apr 2011

The Twins

I don’t exactly know why I like this video so much, but I do. Sometimes, you can’t explain why you like certain things and right now, this is the case for me.

I typically don’t feel very passionate towards skateboarding, but I feel supportive towards those who can succeed at it. I know that I definitely enjoy Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream” because it is a fantastic song. I also can appreciate the fact that these two twin boys are just twelve years old. They are little Tony Hawk’s in the making! The filming ain’t bad either.

I think that those four reasons alone should be enough.


22 Apr 2011

What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You

If you’re wondering if the increase in the amount of posts today is supposed to last all of you into next week, then you are exactly correct! For the next few weeks – but to save my ass, let’s just say until the end of the school year – I am going to be one busy busy girl. You’ll be lucky if you can get one post out of me a day, but somehow I managed to crank out 20+ today.

Going along with the Easter holiday theme, I came across Gawker’s “What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You” and figured you might be interested in seeing your result. Personally, I think Easter candy is the absolute worst. I don’t like cream filled eggs. I think Peeps are dry and overly sugared. We all know the winning holiday for candies is Valentine’s Day anyways.

For the article, click here.

22 Apr 2011

Panda Bicycles

In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to introduce you to an environmentally conscious bicycle brand that goes by the name of Panda Bicycles. They are in reference to my favorite animal because the bikes are made out of bamboo that has been grown by the developers themselves straight out of Fort Collins. Feel free to check out their designs here.


22 Apr 2011

Hipster Wedding Invites

This is officially the cutest wedding invitation I have ever seen and is so stinkin’ cute and hipster! This lovely piece of work, designed by Kelli Anderson, was made for her two good friends who wanted to announce their great news with a track that the happy couple recorded themselves. I cannot get over how adorable the mini record player is! I think I squealed in excitement and wonder when I watched the video this morning.

Hipster weddings > Any other type of normal wedding



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