25 Jul 2011

Summer in Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party



I am currently in recovery mode from the most strenuous and quite possibly the best weekend I have ever had this summer! This weekend was full of music that I currently love and music that I look forward to hearing more of. Not to mention, Seattle was finally experiencing a burst of summer! – But seriously, it’s about time. For all of you that were able to come out and experience what it was like to partake in Capitol Hill Block Party this year, I hope you all had an incredible time. For those of you that couldn’t make it for whatever reason that may be – I’m sorry. Maybe next year? For people that just choose not to go…well I suppose it’s not for everyone.

[Being constantly drenched at the festival]

Bands I saw:

  • Fucked Up
  • Kurt Vile
  • Thurston Moore
  • Cults
  • The Head and The Heart
  • Ghostland Observatory
  • THEESatisfaction
  • Campfire OK
  • Battles
  • The Cave Singers
  • Explosions in the Sky


  • Cafe Vita Bean Room Venue
  • Cafe Vita secret bar upstairs
  • Beautiful weather!
  • Coupons to Madewell and AllSaints
  • Vitamin Water Social Club w/ free Vitamin Water and USnaps
  • Street Meat
  • The lazer show during Ghostland Observatory
  • New friends
  • Smaller Crowds
  • Shorter Lines
  • Dancing and stomping to Campfire OK
  • My friends getting me autographs from all the members of Cults


  • A bucket of water to the face during the water fight
  • Wishing I was watching the performances from a rooftop instead
  • Wishing couples just…wouldn’t. In the crowd.
  • Not being able to find the rummage sale
  • $4 PBRs at Sole Repair

For full coverage, visit Capitol Hill Seattle

There’s always this misconception that the career of a booker isn’t challenging and that “anyone can do it,” but the truth is that like every job – it isn’t easy. (Shocking right?) I found this interview with Capitol Hill Block Party booker Jason Lajeunesse extremely interesting!

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