Can These Couples Get Back Together?

[Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron]

The amount of time I spend invested in celebrity gossip is sometimes really embarrassing. I take that back. It’s extremely embarrassing, but at the same time I have no shame. I can’t explain why I have such strong feelings towards why I believe certain celebrity couples should be together, but I do! It stirs up some emotions and signs of hope in me I guess! I’m going to stop writing before I say something that will be used against me by my friends later on though.

[Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson]

I would like to watch every single episode of The OC right now, please.

[Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas]

Alright so Nick was having a bad hair day for several months, but I would pick Nick Jonas for Selena over the Biebster ANYDAY.

[Stephen Colleti and Lauren Conrad]

They were never officially together, but there was no denying that tension that we all saw from Laguna Beach! The show premiered before I had even reached high school yet so naturally I believed high school was like everything I ever saw in this reality series.

[Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling]

Why these two broke up, I will never understand.

Am I forgetting anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Can These Couples Get Back Together?

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