Summer Items That Make Me Wish It Were Fall

[This is NOT a real dress]

It can be quite challenging when dressing for the summer. As I recently discovered, my favorite retailers such as Urban Outfitters and H&M have decided to forgo the lining that belongs under certain dresses therefore making my entire outfit see-through. Well, if that’s how you wanna be – then fine. I will strut the streets of Capitol Hill with no shame at all. (OK, I found a solution by layering a longer tank top underneath) If you ask me though, that’s not even the biggest faux-pas when it comes to summer attire. I’ve seen much worse. I think we all have. Here are some of the worst summer trends that I have seen this summer that make me want to yack.

1. The Deep V-neck Tee

No one wants to see your chest hair or even lack thereof. Today I felt embarrassed for the person I came across with the chest tattoo. Just don’t. Ever. Geez – you might as well not even wear a shirt if you’re trying to go that low.

2. Freaky Furry Boots

Rave outfits are something I will never understand. I realize that most people only dress this way when attending a rave, but it seems like a pretty big waste of money to purchase these items in the first place for one type of occasion. The other day, I walked past a young girl with furry boots on her way to Hemp Fest. It was 80+ degrees outside. We all know how I feel about sensible dressing so I won’t even get into that.

3. Peek-a-boo Bra

Miley Cyrus isn’t even a severe case here, but she was the best example for me to use. I once knew a girl in high school who never had her shirts covering her bra. Hello! It’s called an undergarment for a reason. I was almost tempted to use one of her pictures for an example, but then decided that would be too risky. As I perused through her photos, I shuttered at the sight of seeing her colorful bra peek out over the top of her tank tops. Repeat offenders are helpless.

4. Leggings are not pants.

Leggings are only acceptable if worn with a longer top that covers your bum. It’s an easy concept, really. If you fail to follow this rule – prepare for some public humiliation of pointing and laughing…from yours truly. I’m talking to YOU Seattle U abusers.

I was going to continue with more on this post, but I got lazy -so here are just a few other things that don’t need any explanations:

  • Dresses worn as shirts. We can tell.
  • Any sort of bro attire
  • Zippers down the front of your skirt.

Oh…is this offensive? U mad?!


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2 thoughts on “Summer Items That Make Me Wish It Were Fall

  1. sheelbeel says:

    Oh my gosh – I know what you mean! I saw a bunch of girls wearing those fur boots a few weeks ago and I thought I had stepped into another reality. I would also like to add crop tops to this list. Why on earth have cropped tops made a comeback this summer!? People mock 90s fashion for a reason people! Sheesh. Great post!

  2. I do want to see someone out in that first dress…

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