30 Aug 2011

Interactive Business Card

I was recently considering making a business card for myself, but like my Society 6 situation, I wanted to wait until I was fully confident before taking the plunge. Or I was waiting for some sort of crucial deadline, which was the exact situation I had with Society 6. I’ve also been debating whether I have the right tools to make my own business cards and have been researching printers similar to this slitters cutters creasers machine which could do all the hard work for me. I know I could easily just make the cards online and send them off to be printed, but I guess the control freak in me wanted to be able to oversee the whole process. By making them myself, I also feel I will be able to be more creative and won’t just have to follow a set format as most business cards do. Not many people realize it, but business cards can be really creative and fun! Rather than just being a slip of paper, I want mine to be different and therefore more memorable. I came across a business card today on Colossal that blew my mind, but was so absolutely perfect for the career: a yoga practitioner.

I agree most people or businesses want to make a statement with their business cards as it also tends to establish the first impression. And I also acknowledge the fact that not everyone has enough time or creative ideas to make that work. However, these business persons or firms can take help of printing press that provide tailored service. It would prove more lucrative if the required items are delivered on the same day. One way it can be done is by looking for online options, searching something like same day printing london (replacing it with the place your business is based in). Other way would be to simply comb through the offline stores nearby your area that can provide you same day delivery, without compromising the quality.

Whatever you choose, make sure it resonates with the idea of your business.

Click the cut to see how it works.

This probably wouldn’t suit me that well, but I can imagine how it must leave a lasting impression on the people who do receive one of these business “cards.” These cards were designed by Kapil Bhimekar


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