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10 Sep 2011

Casual – The Series

I don’t remember how and when I was introduced to Casual, but it definitely helped as a distraction while I was transferring files earlier this week. Last summer, I became invested in the webisode series “Dorm Life” and this year at the end of my summer, it happens to be  Casual. Casual is a webisode series that follows the “casual” relationship of a boy and girl. I know that’s not a lot to go on, but regardless, it is addicting. Casual relationships are common these days within our generation. It may have been something that was frowned upon back in our parent’s days, but  it happens to lead to extraordinary things today like love, serious relationships and marriage.

Even though Ashley hasn’t watched the series yet, the idea of casual relationships was the topic of choice during her visit these past couple days. Everything used to be so easy for our parents. You meet someone. You date. You get married. You have kids. Everything was at a much younger age, but now our generation has already surpassed the age we were “supposed” to get married and we feel like we’re racing against the clock. The ideal age to marry is getting pushed back further because we want to set aside time to pursue our own endeavors before settling down, but the worry is that we won’t find someone until much later. I love Millionaire Matchmaker, but many of the millionaires searching for love on that show are in their late 30’s or pushing 50’s and by that time, having kids does not seem like a possibility.

Ashley and I both agreed that if we just knew that in a few years we would find someone that would be the one, we would be perfectly content with that and no longer worry about walking on eggshells around every guy that comes in our path. But psychic services aren’t free, you know?

What I love about Casual is that it has the opportunity to be my life or my friend’s life in a couple of years. It’s relatable. It’s complicated. And it’s funny, but in the end it’s so much more than that. It tells the story of a relationship from start to finish in a way that shows the growth process. Essentially, it’s about timing though and that’s what I have learned is most crucial to a relationship. At the same time, it’s also the most uncontrollable factor in the equation.

The series is only three seasons long (about 5 eps. to each season) each ep ranging from 5-10 minutes. The series is approaching it’s series finale this month so get all caught up now! Check it out here – I don’t think you’ll regret it. Jay Diaz did an incredible job writing and directing the series. The music choices are current and relevant and Lauren Marini and Brian Thomas Smith are sensational portraying these two characters that you will fall in love with yourself.

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