Anna Wintour Recycles An Outfit Multiple Times

Balenciaga Spring 2012

They really are just like us, aren’t they?! Anna Wintour was spotted in the same Balenciaga dress several times during the last month and now she is finally being called out on it! While many critics would normally scold an editor-in-chief (especially one named Anna Wintour) for doing something like this, all I can give is praise.

We all have favorites within our closet. This week, mine was my new UO flannel, which I’ve worn at least four times this week. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s super comfy! Anna Wintour’s favorite piece just happens to be this Balenciaga dress and I can see why. If anything, it makes more sense to me for those in the fashion industry to recycle their clothing by wearing pieces more than just once doesn’t it? I’m sure they all don’t have the same mindset about this, but if I owned that dress, I would probably wear it for every evening event that I had in the future, but I would take extremely good care of it. Anna, however, gets this stuff on the regular so essentially that Urban flannel is to me as this dress is to her. Wearing something once and never again is just foolish.

You go Anna! You just keep doing you.

At Giorgio Armani Spring 2012

Is this considered even more of a fashion faux-pas since she is not wearing the designer of the show she is attending?

The Vogue Fashion Fund ‘Who Is On Next?’ party

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One thought on “Anna Wintour Recycles An Outfit Multiple Times

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is definitely a positive step in the the fashion world :-) Jen xoxo

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