Month: November 2011

29 Nov 2011

Way to go Whitney!

About a year ago, Whitney Ballen immersed herself onto the interwebz and started a Kickstarter page to help  fund her first record “White Feathers, White Linens.” She received 64 backers and exceeded her goal. I am so excited to announce that her hard work has finally paid off and that her album will be released this coming December! I’ve known Whitney for maybe  five years now and every time I see her perform live, I am just floored by her talent and the way she captures an audience. A few years back, she played one of my shows and I can still remember that image in my head of every single person in the audience lowering themselves to sit on the cold hard floor to watch her perform instead of just having a regular old standing-room show. It was a ripple effect. The impact that she has on people is mesmerizing to me.

The CD release show will be December 11th at the Can Can – All Ages – $5 at the doors and starting at 7:30 PM

Also performing that night will be Le Wrens and Ben Fisher.

You can check out her single “Flour” here.

Congrats Whitney!


29 Nov 2011

Japan Has Some Serious Fun

[ via ]

The absence of finals during finals week and minimal assignments during “dead week” has contributed greatly to my stress-free quarter. I’m not quite sure yet if someone just wanted to cut me some slack in my senior year or decided that I just deserved it or not, but this is the best quarter I have ever had at Seattle U and this NEVER almost never happens the way I want it to. And thank goodness because I now have time to watch videos like these and laugh my head off. Dad – I think you’re going to like these!

(From Veronica)

(and my personal favorite)

29 Nov 2011

It’s Another Jimmy Fallon Night

Somebody please tell me they just saw The Roots rapping about Polly Pockets on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

This kind of stuff doesn’t happen everyday!

29 Nov 2011

Song of the Day

She & Him – The Christmas Song

I’m usually not the type of person to toss my Christmas spirit onto everyone and everything, but I am kind of…a closeted Christmas freak. I decorated the family tree this past weekend – half the ornaments were contributed by me because of elementary school projects and you know, other side projects of my own. The one-eyed Popsicle reindeer, knitted Sanrio ornaments, stuffed Koala bear, and an angel with my face on it? Oh yeah – the artificial family Christmas tree belongs to me except it was purchased by my father and it was the best present to come home to after that one day in fifth grade! Ain’t no thangggg. I even considered buying myself this mini “vintage-inspired” tinsel tree from Urban Outfitters for my home, but that idea kind of came and went.

Currently watching  She & Him perform one of their songs off their holiday album on Leno and it is amazeballs.

I love peppermint Hershey kisses and

every time I return to school and the enormous ornamented Christmas tree is set up in the student center, my heart cries a little. Tears. of. burstful. joy. It’s glorious. There’s really no other way to describe it.

and…every once in awhile, it’s okay to have an obnoxious Christmas post too.

28 Nov 2011

Malcolm Gladwell’s Collected

Photograph by Brent Taylor

Malcolm Gladwell’sCollected,” includes three of his best titles: Blink, Outliers and The Tipping Point. Sure, the new design is pretty sleek, but just think how great it would be to gift a friend or a family member the entire series for Christmas. I probably shouldn’t talk though since I have yet to finish Blink and The Tipping Point even though I started both four years ago. Anyways,  if the rest of the world enjoys his books, that has to mean something right?

Should probably take my own advice on this one – will attempt to finish both books over break.

The entire series can be purchased for $50 here.


28 Nov 2011

The Return

photographed by Charles S.

I am pleased to announce that the outfit posts are officially back! The series of posts will continue at least until break and if they do well, I’ll be bringing them back in the winter quarter. If some of you have been reading Yow Yow! for awhile, then you know that outfits posts were updated pretty regularly back then until all of a sudden they weren’t anymore! I started becoming frustrated with outfit posts because I thought they looked exactly like everyone else’s. Also, in every outfit post that I saw on blogs, the bloggers always looked sad and emo. It was like seeing a brooding Keanu Reeves in every photograph. I figured it’s probably because taking the shot in the first place was just uncomfortable for them and if I was going to do outfit posts, I didn’t want to go out that way.

So let’s have a little fun with them, right?!


Also, I’m still getting a hang of how I want these pictures to be done so this is just a test run.

28 Nov 2011

MK + A Tell You Your Style

I can’t get enough of their monthly interactive Stylemint YouTube videos!

What are you doing? Are you in class? Are you at work? Are you putting off something you’re supposed to be doing?

I’m sure this will be more fun.

I realize that Stylemint tee’s are kind of like over priced regular t-shirts that could be sold for $4.50 at Forever 21 or in packs, but the twins know how to make them look good! Plus life just seems to be more fun in a Stylemint tee.


27 Nov 2011

TLC Just Got Reals Funny

Shut up. I can’t believe this is going to be a real show.

This is the last post for the night because I want everyone to see this before they go to bed or start their day by watching this.

27 Nov 2011

Space Rules the Street

[photo by Cole Barash]

Wowweewow! I’ve got a very spacial surprise for you all this week that involves…SPACE…and posts that we are about to bring back. I am so so excited about it and hope that the idea can translate well on Yow Yow! as it does in my head.



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