Happy Birthday Queen Britney!

The pop star turns 30 today! In an honor of her special day, here are my top 20 favorite Britney Spears songs (in no order)

  1. Circus (Circus)
  2. Kill the Lights (Circus)
  3. Radar (Circus)
  4. Mannequin (Circus)
  5. I Wanna Go (Femme Fatale)
  6. How I Roll (Femme Fatale)
  7. Seal It With A Kiss (Femme Fatale)
  8. Big Fat Bass (Femme Fatale)
  9. Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Femme Fatale)
  10. 3
  11. Piece of Me (Blackout)
  12. Gimme More (Blackout)
  13. Break the Ice (Blackout)
  14. Why Should I Be Sad (Blackout)
  15. (You Drive Me) Crazy – (…Baby One More Time)
  16. Sometimes (…Baby One More Time)
  17. Me Against the Music (In The Zone)
  18. Toxic (In the Zone)
  19. I’m A Slave 4 U (Britney)
  20. Boys (Britney)

Also this video made by MTV for Britney is adorable. Click here to watch it.

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