Written by Katie
23 Dec 2011

A Collection Part 29

Happy Holidays!

cozy bedroom | the style files

[a cup of hot chocolate]

espresso revolution

shoe stomping

David Talley

rainy days and mondays


[Wool Brain]

Alex Belyaev Source

China’s deserted Disney Land

photo cred | Jeannine Tan

photo cred | esoule

photo cred | Jacob Barss-Bailey

photo cred: diane-catherine

Ribbon stairs by HSH Architects [Source]

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  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there
  • If I could go back and do another part of the trip again. THIS.
  • This one time I spent two weekends at Jackson Square
  • Dare you to find me an outdoor courtyard I wouldn’t like
  • Today my shoulders started peeling. While I was wearing a sleeveless blouse 😭 this vacation really IS over!
  • A week ago, we were HERE! Currently enjoying my last few moments of funemployment before heading into my first day back at work tomorrow. It feels exactly like going back to school ✏️📓

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