Month: January 2012

31 Jan 2012

A Wedding With Hipster Elements

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This was such a wonderful wedding video to wake up to this morning! Aqua Vivus Productions did a great job at capturing such a special day for Ryan and Jane.

I can’t leave this post without mentioning a few of my favorite details – Jane is wearing the gorgeous Burnished Organza Gown from the BHLDN collection and the background music of Foster the People’s “I Would Do Anything For You” was refreshing and perfectly modern. I loved it!

31 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Bringing Sexy Back

Happy 31st Birthday Justin Timberlake!

I know today is a day for you to make wishes, but I’ve got two of my own:

1) Could you become a regular on Saturday Night Live?

2) It’d be really nice if you could put out another album too.

Making one of these wishes come true is sort of like the both of us celebrating your birthday together, right?!

And as a treat to you all…I give you my favorite J-Timberlake song.

31 Jan 2012

Supporting My Friend John

Hello readers! Another reason why I am so glad to have guests posts on Yow Yow! from my dearest friends is so that I can keep all of you informed when they are doing awesome things in their lives! My dear friend John is currently in the Teach For America program teaching   physics to 11th graders and has decided to create a baseball team for his students as part of their extracurricular program. The school that he teaches at in Detroit is lacking sufficient funds to make this possible so he is asking for help from all of his friends and family. Donations will go towards all of the basic equipment needed for his kids to be able to play baseball. Check out his donation page here.

Good luck John! We’re so proud of you!

31 Jan 2012

The Breakdown of A Best Dressed Red Carpet Look

It’s been several weeks, but I still cannot get over how amazing Charlize Theron looked on the Golden Globes red carpet wearing Christian Dior. Today, NY Mag wrote an article breaking down every single aspect of her “best dressed” outfit including makeup and accessories. You won’t believe how much it’s worth and how little it actually cost the beautiful actress.

Click here to be stunned.

31 Jan 2012

Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

Well this is adorable. While Kristen Bell was sitting down with Ellen on her talk show, she started to get pretty emotional over her boyfriend’s sloth surprise for her on her 31st birthday.

31 Jan 2012

Bon Iver For New Grammy Commercial

This new commercial promoting the 54th Annual Grammy Awards and featuring Bon Iver just gave me chills. This year’s nominees got real hipster and a part of me wants them to take home all of the awards.

Bon Iver is nominated for Best New Artist, Song of the Year for “Holocene,” Alternative Album of the Year for their current self-titled album and Record of the Year.

This commercial is just the first in the series to be released, but I’m looking forward to seeing the others featuring Adele and Skrillex.


31 Jan 2012

Super Bowl Food Craving:

I feel like I am missing a huge milestone in my life having never attended an actual Super Bowl party. I wish I could say that I went to one and loved it because of the excitement, the yelling, the cheering, the team pride, etc. But that’s just not how I feel. The only reason I want to go is so that I can say I finally ate food that was prepared specifically for the Super Bowl event.

Pigs in a blanket – do I get my own platter?

12-layer dip? My chip will hit each layer with every bite!

Hot dogs. Burgers. Steak. I’m all about that meat diversity.

[Update @ 1:33AM It’s so late night right now and I’ve barely posted all day that I don’t even know what I’m saying at this point.

Basically, what I’m saying right now is that I love holidays or events that are designated for food. Unfortunately, I have no idea if I’ll be watching the game this Sunday. WHOA midterms next week, but I promise you – I’m a great guest to have. I’ll bring my appetite and maybe a package of this:


31 Jan 2012

Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Teen Vogue

all photos via Teen Vogue

Hmmm what a coincidence…the day after the finale of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, it is revealed that the youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie are featured on the March 2012 cover of Teen Vogue.

It’s very interesting indeed, but Kris Jenner – the best “momager” in town clearly knows what she is doing.

Who am I kidding? I love Kendall and Kylie! It’s only a matter of time until they get their very own spinoff on E!

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