13 Jan 2012

My Favorite Pretty Little Liars Characters

About a week ago, I came across a post that someone had made ranking their favorite characters from The OC. It was a great list, but Kaitlin Cooper managed to make the list twice! And for someone that was barely featured except for the last season ie) the season that didn’t matter that much because Marissa had died, Kaitlin Cooper ranked pretty high!

Since The OC has already been done, I decided that Pretty Little Liars needed a ranked list as well especially since their lineup of characters is phenomenal. Four main characters and a character that has no identity that only goes by the initial of “A” – well that’s a top 5 right there!

37. Meredith Sorenson
36. Garrett Reynolds
35. Paige McCullers
34. Sean Ackard
33. Peter Hastings
32. Wayne Fields

31. Ian Thomas AKA Smart House AKA Luck of the Irish AKA
30. Mike Mongomery
29. Stepsister Kate Randall
28. Officer Darren Wilden
27. Tom Marin
26. Byron Montgomery
25. Pam Fields
24. Anne Sullivan

23. Melissa Hastings AKA One Tree Hill’s Nanny Carrie
22. Maya St. Germain
21. Wren Kim
20. Samara Cook

19. Alison DiLaurentis
18. Veronica Hastings
17. Jason DiLaurentis
16. Ella Montgomery
15. Jackie Molina
14. Caleb Rivers
13. Alex Santiago

12. Jenna Marshall
11. Noel Kahn
10. Mona Vanderwaal
9. Toby Cavanaugh
8. Lucas Gottesman
7. Ashley Marin

6. Ezra Fitz

5. “A”

4. Emily Fields

3. Spencer Hastings

2. Aria Montgomery

1. Hanna Marin


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