The Silence of Being Blacked Out

On my end, the news front has been awfully quiet today! Although we are having a school-wide snow day, I strangely have not been using this time to blog and that’s actually been extremely nice. Two of the blogs I read on a daily basis – Ohnotheydidnt and Gawker are completely blacked out as well as the front page of WordPress. From 5AM-5PM today, Yow Yow! was also under a complete blackout opposing SOPA. Those that were unaware of what was going on and attempted to use Wikipedia were not quiet at all. You can see their responses here. That’s just what happens when you aren’t informed. Sucks, doesn’t it? Can you imagine how people will respond if SOPA and PIPA actually pass and others have not heard a thing about it?


My hope is that all of you have at least taken some time to enlighten yourselves on what is going on – and what is at stake. It’s your freedom to create and to express on the line here. And if you are OK with giving that up, then please – feel free to go ahead and call the Congress offering them your support.

If you don’t agree with SOPA and PIPA, please take the time to sign the petition. It took me two seconds.

If you still are not sure what is going on, and don’t worry I won’t judge you for it…(that much) then let me simplify the situation for you with this gif from The Oatmeal. It’s got animals, Oprah, and Jesus. How can you say no? Continue to stay informed, please.

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