1. how about no. let’s not ruin childhood memories with modern, and entirely unnecessary twists in culture

    Posted on 1.26.12 · Reply to comment
    • How is this any more unnecessary than turning the original dark fairy tales into the treacly Disney version that you’re familiar with?

      Posted on 9.17.12 · Reply to comment
  2. Jocelyn wrote:

    Thanks for the credit, yowyow! I have a left over belle dress, Ariel wig and tinkerbell wings if you need them!

    Posted on 1.27.12 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      Did you make the dresses yourself?! That is amazing. You know, I might just take you up on that offer

      Posted on 1.27.12 · Reply to comment
  3. Tashers wrote:

    Yes. Yes yes yes. Oh yes. Yes.

    I much prefer this tongue-in-cheek Hipster varieties than the weird trampy versions I see stores trot out in mid September. I mean. At least they’re funny!

    Posted on 9.18.12 · Reply to comment
  4. gail wrote:

    clever girls 😉 (fyi the sign about the PBR isn’t finished), did you want to add is?

    Posted on 9.27.12 · Reply to comment
    • Jen wrote:

      youve got to sing that one….”I wanna be, where the PEOPLE ARE (PBR)” *love this!!!*

      Posted on 9.28.12 · Reply to comment
  5. THIS IS GREAT! My newest post was actually on this exact topic. The reality of Disney princesses. thanks for posting

    Posted on 10.6.12 · Reply to comment
  6. Love the Ariel!!!

    Posted on 10.17.12 · Reply to comment
  7. who is the second one?? tiana?

    Posted on 10.24.12 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      Tinker Bell – I believe!

      Posted on 10.24.12 · Reply to comment
  8. Hey..I’m just new here..There are so many points which make your stuff more interesting and informative too. Keep sharing it..

    Posted on 5.4.13 · Reply to comment

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