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30 Jan 2012

2012 SAG Awards

Rose Byrne in Elie Saab Couture

I was actually impressed by most of the looks I saw on the red carpet this year at the 2012 SAG Awards -more so than the Golden Globes. Rose Byrne, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone  were some of my favorites! I absolutely loved how Rose Byrne opted for a jumpsuit instead of a gown. It’s a risky choice, but the actress pulled it off. Also, her haircut is adorable with the look.

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30 Jan 2012

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Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Naturally Luminous Compact Makeup SPF 10

“Less is more,” my mother always said to me. It has taken me nearly 21 years to fully grasp the meaning behind that. Through high school and in my scene phase she watched me from behind my mirror as I doubled – sometimes even triple lined my liquid eyeliner and as she watched me with concern, I always sort of brushed it off. Ugh teenagers, right? While I am glad that I have since moved on from that stage in my life, I do believe in experimenting with different beauty and makeup products.

Now, I am no where near to being a pro when it comes to the products I use, but through following in my mother’s footsteps, I have learned a lot about what I am comfortable with and what I need to toss out. First things first – samples ARE your best friend. Every time you have a chance to grab a sample, take it. It’s the best way to test drive a product without emptying your entire wallet.

My routine in the morning is probably the most disorganized part of my day and it is always confusing to some people because I use an array of products that were purchased both at drug stores and at department stores. This past weekend, I made what I like to call an investment purchase on two products from the Chanel counter. The Chanel compact is a product that I have been using for at least four years and was a product that I was introduced to after getting my makeup done at their counter for my senior homecoming dance. What I love most about this compact is how easy it is to apply and how natural it looks against my skin tone. Since I’ve been using it as my main foundation for years, I have never really considered branching out to any other kind. The Chanel foundation brush is new to my makeup family and was recommended to me this past weekend from the person that sold me my usual foundation. Remember when I said I was no pro? Well, for as long as I have known, I had been applying my same foundation with a brush that was once given to me in a sample that may or may not have been designated for just powder. Out of sheer laziness, I never thought to change that. However, the compact is a product that I value and if I have the opportunity to make it last a lot longer, why wouldn’t I choose that? I had to have it. I didn’t intend on buying it on my visit, but that day – Minus the Bear was playing throughout Nordstrom as I was sitting in that chair – and that was just the sign I needed. No, I realized that if I didn’t buy it then, I would probably forget about it and continue to ruin my skin with the wrong brush.

I was recently inspired to write this post after reading one of my favorite blogs, The Formula, and following their series “You Are A Babe.” The series features women in the fashion industry revealing some of their best kept beauty secrets and product recommendations. I would love to continue discussing some of the products I use, but would love to hear your feedback on whether or not this is of interest to you. Please share your response with me by participating in the quick poll below!

Chanel Foundation Brush

29 Jan 2012

Facebook’s “If I Die” App

Death and Facebook, though uncontrollable – when combined totally freaks me out a little bit. Losing a loved one is difficult. That anxiety can escalate when you come across their Facebook page every so often. What if you had the opportunity to control your last words though? In Facebook’s new app “If I Die,” Facebook users can record their last message to be revealed only after they have passed away with the help of a few select friends who will be responsible for releasing that message.

All I could think of when reading about this new app was that episode of One Tree Hill when the time capsule was released. That did not end well. I feel like a common problem most people would run into with this app though would be to constantly be changing it. How do you know if you’ve said enough? Maybe you’ve said too much!

29 Jan 2012

Wedding Dream Dress

Photographs | Paper Antler

While perusing one of my favorite wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty, today – I came across this incredible feature of a Miami wedding. I also fell in love with this dress by Australian designer, Johanna Johnson. The embellished back detail – that headpiece – all so lovely.

My own wedding is not even in sight, but I’ve always dreamed of having either a sassy shorter dress or a longer slinky one. Princess ball gowns are not in my future.

29 Jan 2012

Song of the Day

Big Time Rush – Music Sounds Better With U

I never thought that I would be featuring these guys as the Song of the Day, but the impossible has finally happened. This song is just too catchy for me to deny – don’t judge me. You really can’t knock it until you try it though; I actually had this on replay while writing a paper tonight and I like to think that it pushed me to become slightly more motivated.

If you’re longing for boy bands to exist again, you might as well jump on this Nickelodeon sponsored bandwagon.

29 Jan 2012

James Franco’s Newest Project Is Not That Impressive

For as long as I have known, I have always sort of put James Franco on this non-existent pedestal. It’s probably because for the longest time, he hasn’t put out anything that has sucked. It all started with Freaks and Geeks, but his career has only gone up since then. In addition to his acting career, Franco is also a genius and can’t get enough of school. The guy keeps going back!

On Wednesday, I read a post from Flavorwire about his new documentary series called Undergrads. Even before watching the trailer, I started psyching myself out.

“Oh man, no one knows college better than James Franco! He’s been there so many times, I bet he highlights the best stories!”

“Re-live the best four years of my life (almost) with Franco’s new documentary? Yes please!”

“Dorm-Life 2.0?!”

I got a little bit ahead of myself because instead of getting my favorite web-series, “Dorm Life,” the trailer resembled more of MTV’s “College Life.” In case any of you get confused, those two are NOT the same thing or even remotely similar to each other. Unfortunately, there were even some parts of the trailer that made me cringe. I’m not saying that his new series had to be like my own college experience, but I felt like there were highlights of things you may have expected from college, but never happened. When it came down to it, those experiences were just too corny.

Anyways, maybe I’m wrong. Check out the trailer here and let me know what you think.

28 Jan 2012

{Guest Post} By Meghan Addison

When Katie sent me the email asking me to write a guest post on Yow Yow, I was incredibly hesitant. Unlike everyone who has written before me, I don’t actually like most people or things, and the highlights of my day include pooping and eating abnormal amounts of Mexican food. I loved absolutely everything I’ve read so far with the guest posts, but when Katie asked me to share something witty and insightful I blanked. Me? Wise? I thought that word was only for old dudes with beards like Dumbledore or Socrates. So I picked my brain and tried to think of something, absolutely anything, that would make me sound like a funny and intelligent 22-year old who’s getting her act together. Sadly, I’m not in a Scott Pilgrim novel, and all I could think about was my existential crisis: why is my love of Zooey Deschanel disintegrating? WHY?

The real fact of the matter is, I suck under pressure. I am an incredibly opinionated person who actually never keeps her mouth shut, yet if you ask me what my favorite book is, or what music I like, the only answers that pop into my brain are the Insane Clown Posse and Eat Pray Love.

But then it hit me: I’m going to write about a person who inspires me. So simple, right? When I re-read the email Katie sent me, she talked about how she’s lucky to have me in her life, and that I have helped shaped her experience at SU, and that she wanted to marry me because I’m so attractive and amazingly good-looking and sexy (I know, she won’t keep her hands off me). However, I kept thinking, “Does Katie realize she does the same thing for so many others?”

Unfortunately, I think the answer is no, therefore today I’m going to confess why I’m in lesbians with Katie.

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