VueSociety & Yow Yow! Collaboration

Good morning readers!

I am so excited to share some news with you today – one that includes a giveaway and promos! A few years back, I was introduced to a blog called VueSociety covering news in fashion and style from over on the Eastside. I’ve been a fan ever since. Today, the blog has been transformed into VueSociety –  a full-fledged online boutique showcasing some incredible up-and-comers in the fashion industry. The pieces highlighted in the boutique are beautiful. So let’s show both the designers and Rachel, owner of VueSociety our support!


VueSociety and Yow Yow believe these dresses would be a great fit for your Valentine’s Day plans. Tell us what you are doing for Valentine’s Day this year in a comment below by Wednesday, February 8th and one winner at random will receive a $25 gift voucher to VueSociety sent to them!


VueSociety is currently holding a promo for Blaque Label sequin dresses(like the one you see above). Snag yours from now until February 10th for $20 off the original price. To read more information, click here. If you order something  by the 10th, it will arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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5 thoughts on “VueSociety & Yow Yow! Collaboration

  1. aubrey says:

    Making steak and lobster at home- I’m too chicken to brave crowds on V-Day :)

  2. […] Tell Katie what your plans are for this Valentine’s Day in a comment by Wednesday, February 8th and one winner at random will receive a $25 gift voucher to VueSociety sent to them! Good Luck! […]

  3. Breana says:

    I’m going out to see a movie with my friends at the Regal across the street from the Convention Center. Singletons have to stick together!

  4. […] at War” and featured clothing from a number of retailers and my two favorites Zebra Club and VueSociety. Overall the whole experience was just wonderful. I had a great time and was so proud to see my […]

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