Dream Pop

Happy Tuesday everyone! Since I’m feeling a little bit generous, here’s a bonus song for your day today and guess what? I selected this as a Song of the Day just over three weeks ago too!

No, but seriously? I love this song. Lately, I’ve been immersing myself into this new music genre I like to call “Dream Pop.” On a spectrum of indie/little-known to mainstream, Ellie Goulding would ere on the mainstream side. The dream pop genre typically has female leads. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to before you go to sleep or if you’re trying to channel the Seattle University student, you might listen to dream pop as you reflect. Whether you’re feeling inspired, calm, or at peace, dream pop will kind of be like your best friend. The lyrics always know the right thing to say and you’re not likely to whirl wind into a fit of rage after listening to it. When I listen to dream pop, I like to imagine that people envision clouds and goals being achieved. Who wouldn’t like a genre that makes you feel like you can do anything and that anything is possible?
[EDIT: After 1AM, I cannot control the statements that I write on this page.]

I actually went to a show this past weekend for Lemolo featuring two lovely ladies from Seattle and front women of the genre. I did my best to film several videos, but I wasn’t happy with the end result so you won’t be seeing them on the blog, unfortunately. However, you get this video above of Yuna – Live Your Life and that should do it!

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2 thoughts on “Dream Pop

  1. Yasmin Cruz says:

    LOVE YUNA, xoxo. yasmincruz.me

  2. Maria says:

    So true. Honesty and everything rezongiced.

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