08 Apr 2012

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Spring has sprung in Seattle, therefore, I think that it is justified for me to be purchasing a new pair of shorts. Even though I’m not as much of a girly girl anymore as I was in high school ie) I don’t feel like being covered in pink everything, I still have a soft spot for the color. Every once in awhile, my weakness for it will make me break out the wallet and this time it was on a pair of pink pastel seersucker shorts. Yep, seersucker. The kind of fabric all babies wore in the 90’s. It’s a classic though! Pair it with a tank top, a button up shirt, or a cardigan and you’ve got the ideal outfit perfect for the season. I’m pretty happy with my purchase, but am quickly realizing that I am trying to convince all of you way more than I need to.

Forever21 Seersucker Trouser Shorts

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  1. Spring indeed has sprung – today was the first time I wear shorts in a long while. I love those. On a side note: what on earth is wrong with the model’s legs?!!

    Posted on 4.8.12 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

      Posted on 4.8.12 · Reply to comment

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