09 Apr 2012

A Lullaby For You

When I was a music-obsessed teenager, music was the soundtrack to my entire life. If I had to walk somewhere, take the bus, do my homework, eat a meal, fall asleep, etc. my Apple earbuds were almost always in my ears. I can’t tell you why that ever stopped or when I decided to stop having music be the backing to everything, but I would assume it was because it became a distraction for me. It cut me off from the outside world and prevented me from having interactions in real life. While I was listening to my iPod, I could’ve been having meaningful conversations! I could’ve learned something.

On my way back from San Francisco with Riley, he was telling me that he pretty much listens to the music on his iPhone all the time. This isn’t out of the ordinary. Everyone on Seattle U’s campus does it too, but I found it interesting since I hadn’t done it in years. Last week, I tried it out again and even though it was once normal territory for me, it wasn’t last Monday. I felt awkward. I got tangled up in my headphones and I couldn’t figure out a place to put my old iPod while I listened to it so I just held it on my walk. We all listen to music for such different reasons, but I was so interested in learning about the ways my own friends utilized it in their lives. Samantha actually listens to it whiles she sleeps or before she sleeps and that is sort of the whole reason why I’m writing this post.

I listen to Bombay Bicycle Club’s “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?” every single day. I don’t listen to it as I fall asleep, but I feel so much more at peace if I listen to it right before I go to bed. The music video for it above is awfully sweet as well so I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have a lovely Monday.

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