Texts From Hillary Team Gracefully Bow Out

While Tumblrs and websites dedicated to specific memes are still pretty funny, there comes a point in time when the funny just becomes a whole lot less. Texts From Hillary skyrocketed when the Tumblr debuted last week reaching viral status, but now the two creators, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe have decided to make their exit and quit while they are still ahead.

“After a week that included 32 posts, 83,000 shares on Facebook, 8,400 Twitter followers, over 45K Tumblr followers, news stories around the world, Renee Montagne from Morning Edition saying ‘ROFL,’ a Maureen Dowd column, and a tweet from ?uest Love, we think it’s time to stop while we are ahead,” they write by way of explanation. “As far as memes go – it has gone as far as it can go. Is it really possible to top a submission from the Secretary herself? No. But then when you get to text with her in real life – it’s just over. At least for us. But we have no doubt it will live on with all of you on the Internet.”

This reminds me of when @Condeelevator still existed and to this day, I still miss it terribly.


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