17 Apr 2012

Justice or “Just Ice”

Dress // Urban Outfitters

Jacket // Levi’s – Urban Outfitters [borrowed from Steph]

Belt // H&M

Bag // Urban Outfitters

Shoes // Cole Haan [Mom’s]

Our school recently installed a new art piece next to our library and even though it looks like a tower of plastic ice cubes, I can tell the message is so much stronger than that. In the evenings, the ice cubes light up in an array of colors. What purpose that serves, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but it is visually pleasing. A student in my department had the opportunity to name the piece and she came up with “Justice” or “Just-ice” WHOAAA two names. It is obvious why that was the clear winner.

I’ve been looking for an olive canvas/military jacket like this one for such a long time, but for some reason, every time I came across one that I thought I loved, it would never be perfect enough. Story of our lives, right? The day I went to Urban Outfitters to actually make the purchase, I discovered that it was a little bit too oversized for me and I wanted one more fitted. Steph tried on the jacket there and it was a perfect match! She ended up with the jacket and since she’s such a great friend, she let me borrow the jacket for my birthday so I wouldn’t get too cold. It is still hanging up on my wall – I’m ready to give it back to you now darling!

This is only the second time I have ever worn this dress! The first time was on New Year’s Eve and even then, I felt a little self conscious because I thought it would be too festive and reminiscent of the holiday season. My mother actually picked this dress out for me on a shopping trip together and the best part of it is the open back with the bow ties.

The brown side bag is also from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) and it is my essential bag for just about everything.

My mother was nice enough to let me take her boots. Don’t mind my legs…

all photos | Aljohn Gaviola
Posted on April 17, in Style

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