Oh, So You’re On A Campus Tour?

Every time there is a campus tour going on, I happen to be involved in some activity that is not traditional at all for a normal college student. The first time, I played water wars with Veronica on the patio. Last weekend, we were filming a parody of Dollar Shave. This time…I posed in an outfit as Space Girl. The tour then watched me prance around doing various dance moves in the space helmet.

So here’s my justification in all of this. Yes, it’s a little strange, but if you want to understand in one tour what student life in the wild looks like, then this is it. By me behaving this way, you as the prospective student, can come to the realization that your future campus will let you just be who you are. It also says, “Hey, we breed students who do not care about their appearance/behavior in public.” Oh…just me?

Sometimes people take pictures with me without me knowing at all. Hey, underneath this space helmet is a real human girl, you know?

This is pretty much my favorite dress in the world. Every once in awhile, I’ll come across a piece at H&M and wonder to myself why it isn’t flying off the shelves and how on Earth they seem to have the only size that fits me.  This dress is fitted and though you can’t see the top – it’s a bustier with front hooks and velvety-esque straps. This is the first time I’ve ever put this outfit together, but I like it so much that I’d probably wear it once a week if it was socially acceptable. The cropped top was purchased in San Francisco and since I get a little self-conscious wearing it with just pants, I decided that it would suit me better if it were worn with a dress.

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