28 Apr 2012

My Worst Beauty Blunder

I am slightly embarrassed about the story I am about to share with you all, but at the same time – I think it just needs to be said. This could happen to anyone, or so I’d like to hopefully believe.

A few weeks ago, Ashley and I were downtown shopping and when we stopped into Sephora, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t exactly need a new eyeliner pencil sharpener, but it was purple and black so I had to have it. I could have continued washing my foundation brush with just water and soap, but this one was anti-bacterial! I made the purchases and they stayed in my Sephora for weeks until last night.

As I stayed in for the night and glanced over at my Chanel foundation brush, I thought that it could use a good clean. I whipped out the anti-bacterial shampoo from Sephora and analyzed the bottle. There was a “Try Me” sticker on it. Why would my bottle have this sticker unless it was a sample. Oh…light bulb! So this is the point where we come to a crossroads. Do we decide to throw it out completely or go ahead and use it anyways. No one is going to bring their brushes in and use this sample to clean it are they? I could tell my bottle had been used so yes, it looks like someone has done that already. Then again, there is some distance between putting the bottle directly onto the brush, but that is something I would have done too…

I wasn’t going to win this. I went ahead and did it and while this is completely gross and you’re probably wondering what could ever make me do such a thing, I urge you to ask yourself how a Sephora sales associate could ever think that it would be okay to sell me a sample product. That is not okay, therefore, I am worse off because of this decision.

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  1. Well, it shouldn’t be you who is embarrassed. The salesperson is in the wrong!


    Posted on 4.28.12 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      that’s what I’m sayin!

      Posted on 4.29.12 · Reply to comment
  2. Small world. I am also in Seattle… and I bet I could guess which Sephora this was!

    Posted on 4.30.12 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      oh yes it’s the downtown one

      Posted on 4.30.12 · Reply to comment

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