Month: July 2012

31 Jul 2012

Is It Halloween Yet?

Almost! Check out this “Domo” Halloween costume by Fred Flare. Last year, I unfortunately did not get to celebrate like I normally would have, but you better believe that this year will be different.

I’m graduated y’all. It’s a whole new game.

30 Jul 2012

Campfire OK Tease

My friends in Campfire OK are some of the most wonderful people you will ever come across in Seattle. Not only are they extremely hardworking and talented musicians, but they are a bunch of silly ones. There is never a dull moment when with them and I am absolutely thrilled about their new album. Trust – I’ve heard some of the songs and they’re great like you would imagine.

30 Jul 2012

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Rashida Jones

Wearing: Boy by Band of Outsiders maxi dress and blazer

Where: Screening for her new flick Jesse and Celeste Forever in Los Angeles


28 Jul 2012

Rich Kids of Instagram

Why is it that we are so fascinated with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous (hello, Good Charlotte) or even just the rich? Is it because we can’t imagine ourselves spending our money on frivolous things? Is it because we want to be them? Maybe, all of the above. If you don’t want to admit that you are curious about the whole idea or that you love to watch shows like MTV Cribs (is that even still on?) or Million Dollar Listing or Real Housewives of insert-city-here,  it’s okay. There’s a new blog that you can add  to your routine and no one has to know unless they’re checking your history.

Welcome to the lives of the 1% – Teenager version ie) Rich Kids of Instagram

28 Jul 2012

Always Remembering…

I don’t know how to exactly explain why some moments stick in my head more than others. Every now and then though when I find myself in a situation, I look back on a memory that never seems to go away. My 8th grade history teacher was an outstanding woman. There are several pieces of information that I took away from that class and kept with me ever since:

– The time she had us memorize The Declaration of Independence and recite it in front of the class

– The time she told me that she has no rhythm and could not keep up with the “claps” at concerts or musical performances

– The time I told her I wanted to be an MTV VJ and she just gave me a blank stare for two minutes. Truth.

– And the time she told me that she hated when people clapped at the end of movies. “WHY?!” she asked.

Today, I found myself at The Dark Knight and what do you know – there was a clapper in the audience! She was right – it is indeed, very awkward.


Instagram did not return a 200.

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