Written by Katie
22 Aug 2012

Are You Familiar With Uniqlo Yet?

photo cred | Wanderfly

You will be soon. Japanese retailer Uniqlo will soon be what everyone is talking about over here in the US. With two New York locations under their belt, it won’t be long until Uniqlo decides to expand even more within the states. Actually, there will be a west coast store planted sometime in October and rumor has it that it might be in Seattle. Back in the spring, Seattle blogs were buzzing with speculation that the H&M and Zara like retailer would be coming here and all of their facts seemed true.

Not located on the west coast or east coast? Don’t worry your pretty little head, Uniqlo will also offer e-commerce opportunities – a feature that both H&M and Zara offer as well except Uniqlo will jump on it much quicker.


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