Month: August 2012

30 Aug 2012

Song of the Day

Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound

Bonus treat above: A live stripped version at Sasquatch Music Festival. These ones are always more fun, but in case you want the original – here it is below!

30 Aug 2012

Currently Craving:

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Skillet Diner’s Daily Scramble

The daily scramble was basically my regular at Skillet Diner when I lived up in Capitol Hill last summer and this restaurant was my spot for weekend brunches or breakfast for dinners. Every day, the cooks at Skillet whip up a new scramble combination, which I guess adds to the element of surprise, but I still have my favorite – arugula and corn!

30 Aug 2012

The Wombats Living Room Tour

A couple of years ago, I was blown away when I first heard that Rocky Votolato would be having a living room tour and that he would be enlisting the help of his own fans to put up their living room as a venue. Maybe living room tours have been going on for much longer than that, but he was the first one that I learned of. Not long after that, my dear friends in The Scene Aesthetic hosted the same type of thing and now word is spreading to across the pond. The famous Liverpool band, The Wombats, are hoping to create that very same intimate setting for their fans as well.  This map shows the potential places that they might want to perform at on their US tour, but only one living room will win – the one with the most votes of course!

Vote here! You have until Sept. 2nd and so far it looks like Charlotte is in the lead.


29 Aug 2012

Politics, More Please

“He calls my plan Obamacare… Well, I call his Romney Doesn’t Care.” — @BarackObama at Charlottesville rally today


29 Aug 2012

The To Do List

Oh shooot – It’s a red band trailer y’all!

And yes, that is THE Rachel Bilson returning to the big screen as Aubrey Plaza’s sister. Nice. We’ve missed you Summer Roberts.

29 Aug 2012

Wedding Wednesday Post: The Second Dress

My former co-workers and I got into a heated discussion last night over weddings. When one of them asked me what I thought my overall wedding budget would be, I couldn’t give her an answer. To be honest, I don’t actually know the average cost is for every aspect that goes into it. Furthermore, there are many aspects these days that can all be DIY. A long time ago, couples would enlist wedding planners, caterers, photographers, designers for invitations/menus/ etc, and rental companies to provide the furniture and decor, but these days – those things seem a little uncommon, don’t they? Why not just ask your own friends and family to help you out?

I may not know how much I want to pay for my wedding just yet, but I know what aspects I want in it and I can definitely say that I want a second dress for my reception! I’ve envisioned my future wedding gown to be long, flow-y, lacy, or silk, but I’ve always been partial to the short dresses. Since it seems to be more appropriate for a reception, that is most likely what is going to happen. I stumbled into BCBG Max Azria yesterday and drooled over almost every short white dress in the store hence leading me to be inspired to write this post. What do you think readers? Are second dresses for you?

Nel Lace-Back Cocktail Dress – $268

Read more “Wedding Wednesday Post: The Second Dress”

28 Aug 2012

Top Chef Seattle, Where’d You go?

It looks like the judges and the five finalists have taken off for Alaska, but luckily Eater gave us the scoop on where our judges ate at while they were here in Seattle. What do you think of the picks? There are definitely some great choices on there as well as some others that I would’ve changed.

Peep the list here.

28 Aug 2012

Made in America Fest

I’m not exactly sure how I missed this until now, but the Made in America Fest is totally happening this Labor Day Weekend and it looks rad. This Philly festival has one of the best rosters I’ve seen this summer even for being on the smaller side. The reason why I am bringing up this event though is because the entire festival will be filmed by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (the father of one of my previous interviewees – Sage Grazer)

“This will not be a concert film,” Ron explains. “It’s a reflection of the fabric of what it means to be Made in America – what the festival represents, why Jay is doing it and how he relates to each artist.”


28 Aug 2012

Music Heavy

I’d like to think that it would be possible to categorize one day out of the week has being more music focused than other days, but the truth is, it only becomes “Music Tuesday” or Music Wednesday” if there’s more news just happening.

SO HEY! Music Tuesdays this week! I’ve got the new music video by Mayer Hawthorne for “No Strings” and as we all know, this is my favorite song from him, but probably not my favorite music video by him. That’s okay.

As previously mentioned, Ben Gibbard is on the brink of releasing his first solo album. 107.7 THE END premiered a song off of it last night entitled, “Teardrop Windows” and it is very Ben Gibbardy.

Check it out here.

Lastly, congratulations Minus the Bear on the release of your new album “Infinity Overhead!”


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