So Long Gallery Girls!

This past Monday, we all watched the finale of Bravo’s recent hit series Gallery Girls and boy, was it depressing. Maggie thought she was going to get a job, but then she didn’t and AMY came in and snatched it. Ouch. Neglected Liz wasn’t featured as much, but that was probably because she was still brooding about Maggie and Ryan not tipping the waitress and being commoner creatures. Claudia cried. Chantal didn’t really care. Kerri, once again, said absolutely nothing. I was rooting for her throughout the whole season…it was disappointing.

I never thought that I would enjoy this series, but I did. It was the biggest surprise of the summer and now that it is over – can I share with you some of my favorite quotes?

1. “I woke up, I did some yoga, I had a French press coffee, and I’m ready for work!” — Chantal, two hours late for work.

2. “Coriander is my favorite herb.” — Angela, who pronounces the H.

3. “Are you really drinking Michelob Light? You’re the love of my life!” — Drunk Amy.

4. “There are so many trees.” — Maggie, describing Florida.

5. “I need some real coffee. This tastes like Folgers.” — Chantal.

6. “I’m really inspired by moroseness … and cinema?” — Angela, describing her photography.

7. “Everyone runs and hides here because everyone’s, like, quiet little Asian people and scared.” — Liz, describing her School of Visual Arts classmates.

8. “This event is supposed to make me buzz worthy!” — Angela.

9. “I don’t trust anything from someone who calls himself the Sucklord. His name is probably Steve.” — Claudia.

10. “[Crying.] You need to get off the Adderall or something.” — Chantal, to her “business partner” Claudia.

11. “My family will definitely be excited if I get a paying job; they’ve wanted me to have that forever.” — Maggie.

12. “Your friend is a disgusting vile commoner creature.” — Liz, to Maggie.

Oh Maggie, how you slay me.


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4 thoughts on “So Long Gallery Girls!

  1. drndark says:

    Reblogged this on drndark.

  2. stacyblaise says:

    I hated the ending. Usually the Bravo shows tell what has happened after the show but this one did not.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

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